Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Houses on Sand

Houses on Sand

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Houses on Sand

Houses on Sand
Houses on Sand

Are you dependent on free search engine traffic for your livelihood?

I accept it. on (SEO), keyword density, keyword relevance, KEI, inbound links, and link text. and where my website

and pages are in the search engine result pages (SERPs) for my targeted keyword phrases.

this afternoon I was shocked I found that my main site was dropped from Yahoo! Couldn’t find a single page on

Yahoo out of hundreds of pages! After working for months to improve the entire site. Rebuilt with a good content

management system and lots of relevant content. link building Writing and publishing articles, creating RSS news

feeds, and publishing…

It’s a clean site, no black-hat SEO techniques, nothing to stop me. Only good information the heart and soul of the


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Houses on Sand

I checked my logs and thought, “Oh my god, it looks like Yahoo hasn’t crawled my site in more than a month.” This

was after getting used to Yahoo’s spiders crawling my site every day due to new information. all involved (and

especially because of the RSS news feed and pings), but I didn’t notice because the traffic was still high. even if it increases

I searched the web for information about how Yahoo made the changes. Of course, I found that Yahoo changed its

search algorithms around the time Yahoo stopped crawling my site. what can I do What will happen if other search

engines leave my website After months of long nights and long weekends working to build a really quality website.

in the midst of this chaos, My wife looked me in the eye and said, “Don’t worry, you still have visitors. The website is going great!”

I replied, “Yes! In fact, the site’s traffic has doubled since Yahoo dropped the site last month!”

and it hit me The traffic really doubled. even if no more traffic comes from Yahoo. And I’m not doing any pay-per-

click ads or any ads. All the work I did really works – in a way I really didn’t think of. I just lost all incoming traffic

from one of the two or three largest search engines. But my traffic has doubled!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Houses on Sand

Houses on Sand
Houses on Sand

or “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

There are only three major search engines at once. when I write this I would say now that all three are Google,

Yahoo! And MSN, the more you rely on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and placement on the Search Engine

Result Pages (SERP) to get higher in these few search engines. The more you build a house on the sand or put all

your eggs in one basket. Did you know that search engines change their algorithms regularly? One big change and

your website may disappear or disappear from the major search engines. And you won’t know if it’s temporary or

permanent. If you are in this position Show that you are at the mercy of the search engines.

What can you do to change this? This ensures that a single algorithm change will not destroy your business.

One method might be the best way. is to create another stream of information on your website.

1. First things first: Make sure you have a website that people want to visit. Ever visit a website so bad that you

wonder how they make money? Guess I’ll bet they don’t. Unless your website is just a sales page. And you direct

traffic from other websites or from affiliates. Now is a good time to start creating quality content – in bulk if you don’t already have one.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Houses on Sand

Houses on Sand
Houses on Sand

2. Get a lot of inbound links… But change the way you view links. It used to be the link that powered the web. That’s

how people find your website – by browsing from other people’s pages, and then something weird happens: search

engines. But when search engines develop They begin to measure the quality of your website – and determine your

site’s position in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) – based on the number of inbound links you have. and

keywords in the link text Then people started to link only for search engine optimization. Not for the actual traffic

from those links. Do you think people will find your website and view it from a page of 200 uncategorized links

hidden behind links at the bottom of the page and called “affiliate” in the 8-dot font? Get traffic from links again. No

matter what search engines do You must change the link page and change the type of link partner you link to. get

backlinks for traffic, not SEO.

3. Write and publish articles related to the theme of your site. published in many article directories on t

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