My First WordPress Website Let’s first get

My First WordPress Website Let’s first get

My First WordPress Website Let’s first get Article

Before we do that, let me explain what WordPress can do for you … If you do not know what a Content Management

System (CMS) is, it is the ability to manage your own content without having to edit files. Quite simply, it’s best to do

it the way we manage our content. Hundreds of thousands of websites on the web use WordPress as a content

management system, and once I’m done with you, you’ll have your own.

Let’s get past the whole idea of hiring a web designer because you don’t need one for this! As they say, the best in life

is free; Knowledge is free and good luck to you, WordPress is also free. The first thing you need to do is visit the

My First WordPress Website Let’s first get Article

WordPress website and down load the latest version of WordPress. The down load zip will be archived; It is about two

megabytes in size. Remember, it does not install on your computer; It installs on your web host and I will explain

what a web host is, so now all you need to do is down load.

I would recommend anything from Godaddy or 1and1 because they have good customer service and will give you free

domain or free hosting by purchasing one or the other. usage called PHP. Once you have your hosting, after they tell

you how to upload your files (FTP), you proceed to set up the MySQL database so that WordPress stores all of your content.

You need your MySQL login details. Your login to your MySQL database is provided to you from your host

(username, pass, server, database name). You’re on your way to launching your own WordPress website. Happy

moments! Go ahead and unzip the contents of your WordPress zip (which you down loaded from WordPress.

org website) and start uploading files via FTP software (your host can help you). Once you have loaded your files

into your site, you now need to configure your WordPress installation. When I say configure, I mean WordPress does

almost everything for you.

My First WordPress Website Let’s first get Article

My First WordPress Website Let's first get
My First WordPress Website Let’s first get

WordPress makes setup very easy. When you go to access your website through a web browser, it will immediately

detect if WordPress is installed and give you instructions on how to proceed. It will ask you for MySQL database

login, your new website title (blog title), and some other small details. If you are having trouble installing, backtrack

to make sure you did everything right (and make sure you uploaded to the right folders!)

Now you have WordPress installed! Excellent work!

My First WordPress Website Let’s first get Article

The best place to go for WordPress themes is Their site may seem overwhelming at first, but

you will outgrow it. Look in the right sidebar that contains the links and scroll down to the end looking for

WordPress themes. Click on the “1” number next to “WordPress Themes” to see their first free top-rated WordPress

themes. Browse through their themes until you find what you really like. All you have to do now is down load their

theme from the down load link (to your hard drive), and then reload your FTP software because it’s time to upload your theme!

You will see a folder saying “wp-content” in FTP on your website. Go ahead and open that folder, and then open

“Themes”, and then you will see 2 folders (default and classic). Go ahead and upload your theme folder into the

“Themes” folder, so your newly down loaded theme will appear next to the other folders. After uploading the theme,

My First WordPress Website Let’s first get an Article

My First WordPress Website Let's first get
My First WordPress Website Let’s first get

all we have to do now is activate it in WordPress. Open your WordPress admin and log in. In the left navigation, you

will see many items like posts, pages, tools. Go ahead and click the “Appearance” button. Looks like something you

know here: Maybe the theme you down loaded? Click on the “Activate” link below the template thumbnail you

uploaded, which will turn on your new WordPress theme. If all goes well, you can now see your new theme on your


OK! So far you have learned how to down load WordPress and install it …

It’s time to put some content in your theme!

Adding WordPress content makes it very easy. Let’s add a new page called ‘Services’. A new list will open under the Pages button, click “Add New”

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