STOP Overwhelming YOURSELF! Use The Principles You

Use The Principles You

STOP Overwhelming YOURSELF! Use The Principles You

What you are about to read will greatly improve the way you use the time you spend online in your experience as an

online marketer and eliminate wasted time! Are you now or have you ever been overwhelmed by the information

available online that promises to teach you how to make money online? Have you ever tried to do a lot of things

online to grow your business but you don’t seem to get anywhere but go back to where you started? You know,

reading all the emails that promise to do this or that and organizing all your dow nloaded eBooks that seem to be

STOP Overwhelming YOURSELF! Use The Principles You

collecting dust as they are on a ‘forgotten’ shelf? I am here to let you know that I have been there … to waste a lot of

time in a state of unconsciousness. It is probably the worst idea we could ever have as a salesperson.

It is very clear! I know, but you don’t have to go on like this. As marketers, we tend to want to know EVERYTHING

about marketing correctly? We want to keep talking about what we should do and how we can do it so that we can

finally see the results. So what do we do? Are we subscribing to an unlimited list of other people’s lists so we can get

exactly the same information?

STOP Overwhelming YOURSELF! Use The Principles You

If you don’t do this, you’ll be right where I was during my dynamic development as an online marketer.

Will you do something? View all emails in your account or if you are like me, you have more than one. One is for my

products related to their news, one for my word printing, another for my advertising, and my account for friends,

family, college, and other interests. It is okay to have more than one but by all means … PLEASE organize J

Navigate through them and unsubscribe from a list that you are no longer interested in or if you have not read them,

remove them and delete them. I say this because there will always be more lists you can subscribe to for the same

information. So you should not feel like you are missing out on important information, the idea here is to end the

self-inflicted habit of worrying about tons of information. Instead, start applying the correct principles, methods,

strategies, and steps with MASTER THEM! Once you are a Jedi to the likes of Luke Skywalker, then go ahead and

learn new things.

STOP Overwhelming YOURSELF! Use The Principles You

The great thing about this process of applying the principles you have before you learn a new one is that as you move

through the wealth of information you will be learning new things. All right my friends, now that we are cleaning up

our e-mail accounts and setting them up to get out of the way let’s not talk about WALLS.

I LOVE marking different places differently! It’s very simple; to save the site you want to go back to the day you

finished reading the post blog you enjoyed. All of these are beautiful and fun but the blogs you mark should be

posted in their proper place. What I mean is a folder that contains specially marked areas. This way you can visit

your bookmarked sites and find them easily instead of wasting time searching for them in a ‘sea of unplanned

bookmarks’. I believe this is basic and it may seem like a very important thing but believe me, my friends’ people just

click on the bookmark and then move on to the next one and before they know it they are in the situation we are in

right now to (SERVICE AND CONSIDERATION). So, Go ahead and get busy editing your bookmarks and check your

list seems to be less burdensome J

STOP Overwhelming YOURSELF! Use The Principles You

Use The Principles You
Use The Principles You

One of the last books to win you over, wasting your time, and most powerful is E-books, yes, books will take a lot of

time if you keep reading them all. I have to be honest with you though … most of them are useless old-fashioned,

internal websites are not working or are complemented by this obvious ‘crap’. You know what I mean and if you

don’t know where the point is. e-book. Also, most e-books are provided for you to list so that people can send you other charges.

The following techniques will help you to clean up even more so that you can reduce stress, bear fruit, and stand on

your advertising campaign:

You may be intrigued by what you are about to read … Earlier in this post I said I would read them before I let them

go and I said to delete them all! Want to know why? Information

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