Earth Changes – Cyclones, Quakes, Tsunamis

Earth Changes

Earth Changes – Cyclones, Quakes, Tsunamis

Edgar Case’s more than fourteen thousand readings are just a few of the predictions of major physical changes on

our planet. And many of these were not suspected of Halaliyel readings, and some think it may have been incorrect,

as they were given at the time of the loss of the Kais Center, during the Great Depression, and his condition was not the best.

Predicting a change in temperature in the deep waters of this planet, known as Earthquake changes, will change the

weather. Now we call them El Nino and La Nia, and they have really led to serious changes in the winds and seas,

Earth Changes – Cyclones, Quakes, Tsunamis

and a serious change in the weather. These readings also include a prediction of an underwater earthquake in the

Indian Ocean, which we have witnessed as the worst tsunami, killing off the coast from Indonesia to Africa.

Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, author of Secret Messages in the Water, A.R. The recent conference, his

research with water crystals, shows the positive and negative effects of human words and thoughts on water.

He said he believed the world’s waters were reacting to human energy forms, leading to many of these disasters.

The case will be settled; his readings show that the solar dots that affect most of our communication systems are

caused by human attitudes and feelings rather than by cosmic forces.

Earth Changes – Cyclones, Quakes, Tsunamis

Since Edgar Case dropped out of school (August 1944) and moved to other areas of life (January 3, 1945), he

predicted very important events that would change Earthir. Let’s look at the latest disasters.

According to this post, the biggest disaster is the earthquake in Chengdu, the capital of Wenchang County, which has

a lot of people in China, a region with a lot of wealth and a high-tech education. The area is home to 90 million

people and 9 million people in the city.ued.ued. It has a magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale, making it the strongest earthquake in China in thirty years.

One school with 900 students was demolished, almost all of which were inside. Five nearby schools were demolished, but there were no reports at the time of writing.

Earth Changes – Cyclones, Quakes, Tsunamis

More than 300 aftershocks have been reported since the earthquake, and a Chinese seismologist has warned

residents of areas affected by the quake in southwestern China, which could also be devastating. “Wenchuan needs

earthquakes because it is on the fault line – the south-north fault line from Nanning to Ningxia,” said Zhang Gumin, a researcher at the China Seismological Bureau.

Another recent disaster was a cyclone on May 6, 2008.  said Shari Villarosa, the U.S. ambassador to Yangon

(formerly Burma). . It destroyed the Irrawaddy Delta in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).

Prior to this cyclone, there was a tsunami on December 26, 2004, killing about 283,000 people! Burma has killed 61

people in the tsunami. Indonesia lost the most people: 230 261. Sri Lanka 30 957, India third: 16,413. The east coast

of Africa also lost 286 people in this major flood.

According to U.S. Geological Survey, the quake caused by the tsunami measured 9.0 on the Richter scale, making it

the largest earthquake in the world in four decades.

Earth Changes – Cyclones, Quakes, Tsunamis

On May 7, 2008, a magnitude 6.8 earthquake shook the coast of Japan in Tokyo. A second earthquake measuring 5.3

on the Richter scale shook the region half an hour later. Japan is one of the countries affected by the quake, but there

has been no major earthquake in Tokyo since the 1923 Great Canto earthquake, killing 140,000 people. Japan sits at

the junction of five tectonic plates and 80 active volcanoes!

Property damage caused by a 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan, has reached $ 150 billion.

Earth Changes – Cyclones, Quakes, Tsunamis

A 7.6-magnitude earthquake in Pakistan on October 8, 2005 killed 40,000 people.

The most tragic earthquake since Kaiser’s death was the 1976 Tanshan 8 magnitude earthquake in China, with its

payouts likely to be between 255,000 and 655,000 officially!

Earth Changes – Cyclones, Quakes, Tsunamis

Of course, the 1556 earthquake in Shanxi, China, was the deadliest in history. No quantities were seized in those

days, and of course there are no records, but 830,000 people are said to have taken their lives!

On June 20, 1990, there was an earthquake for the strongest earthquake of this century in western Iran, killing 40,000-50,000 people.

A 7.8-magnitude earthquake on Mount Huascaran in Peru on May 21, 1970, killed at least 20,000 people and killed at least 20,000 others.

The most expensive earthquake in U.S. history has been a relatively slow event

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