Youth Education, Sports Icons and Community Leadership

Youth Education

Youth Education, Sports Icons and Community Leadership

I need to focus on school for as long as I can remember and foster a positive attitude was announced from the

cliffs, but sadly only a few were embraced in the trenches.

Today, it can be “cold” or “hip”. It’s about displaying the right “image”, about impressing girls or one’s peers.

It’s about making a team, being a good looking player on a basketball court or football field, a witty haircut or braids,

or a gangster-style tattoo, or a fubu costume, or expensive Nike trainers, or gold chains or rings, or stretch pants, or a sports car.

Youth Education, Sports Icons and Community Leadership

Of course, girls do not have immunity, they are also attracted to good periods and pregnancy “bribes”! But it’s mostly

our boys – the next generation of black men – who are in fact and some cases fatal. It would be an exaggeration to

say that sports can be seen as a new form of mental and physical slavery. But is it? Since it is attractive and

associated with stardom, it is probably true to say that sports have a powerful effect on our youth and in some

respects its effect is artificial.

Youth Education, Sports Icons and Community Leadership

Well, you say, let’s put things at the right angle. Which point is not scary? After all, this is only a game. And can we

really upload this sports content to media moguls, sports magnets, or fashion houses? Granted, they have power and

influence, but aren’t we the ones who willingly buy their products, their services and allow us to use them?

How powerful the media is; Just as Nike is attracted to instant success through trainers or an NBA or NFL contract,

most parents and children are not caught by hype or deceived by lies. In other words, the choice is mine. And many

of us stand up against the temptations of the sport, realizing that a Michael Jordan, or Venus or Serena Williams, or

Tiger Woods cannot make an entire generation.

Youth Education, Sports Icons and Community Leadership

Most of the young black men who rally to the call of sports and fashion media are attracted to basketball or

football. Undoubtedly these are “cool” sports and the existence of black is obvious. Some players, due to their

performance or earnings (the two usually come together), have become new role models for every young black man

who loves the new icons of success in superstar leagues and his chances and who watches sports. ration.

I am very concerned about the way the educational opportunities of so many young black men are being hijacked.

In fact, those who enter the professional ranks recognize the importance of scholarship and college education.

But the stories of cooked grades and stars can not just be read or write, they are too real to dismiss as fantasy.

Youth Education, Sports Icons and Community Leadership

But, even more, important than this, is the “easy faith” that paralyzes or infects our society through our children.

Hey, they said and thought, you don’t have to work so hard. Play a little basketball. Don’t worry about school.

There is nothing wrong with practicing that jump shot all day in the park. Homework? What is it?


Forget it, who wants grades? Harlem Globetrotter Skills, Slam, Dunk, Dribble, Do Not Work,

Drink Your Milk and Oreo Cookies and Think of Michael Jordan’s Success. No matter what.

You are about to achieve it!

Youth Education, Sports Icons and Community Leadership

And my prayers are with you. But the reality is, you probably have a chance to get into the

White House and appoint an all-black cabinet, whether you are the next Michael Jordan,

Sackville O’Neill, Allen Iverson, or the current top-rated basketball stars.

Get real.

And that is the problem; The cloud of unreality colored our thoughts and blinded our attention.

And, if we don’t wake up early, our collective blindness can send our children to a career ghetto on a fast-moving

train somewhere, without limited education opportunities. And from here you don’t have to think big about the

general way about drugs and the criminal justice system.

Youth Education, Sports Icons and Community Leadership

Most of us recognize and agree that these last two communities are splitting up and we hear people talking about

crack cocaine cancer or the unofficial numbers of blacks behind bars. These “truths” are probably exactly what we

recognize as evidence that not everything in our society is right. But slipping academic standards and promoting an

easy path to success may be the true modern-day curse of our children, our politicians, community leaders, or

conscientious media people who have not yet blown up the hill.

If they are talking about it, they should be whispering. That or I’m slowly becoming deaf! Of course, not all sports

stars are jokes and this is a terrible d

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