It s for the Kids Maybe Not The Dark Side of Parental

The Dark Side of Parental

It s for the Kids Maybe Not The Dark Side of Parental

During my years as a college athletic director, youth sports volunteer, and youth coach,

I have witnessed the wise and

ordinary mistakes and outrage of extreme parents.

Often these people make good sense, only to be afraid to see their child tattooed on the back of the football field, hit

in the face in football, or hit with a lacrosse stick in the head … During our days in the cave, we used to go in and out

for a midday meal with our baby.

This article is about the darker thing I recently watched, which is more subtle (maybe) and harmful to our children;

Parents who volunteer for the sole purpose of managing the system for the benefit of their children and friends.

It s for the Kids Maybe Not The Dark Side of Parental

While we are all happy to volunteer to train children in different places (and we are all guilty enough to want

“justice” for our children, for example, justification), I have witnessed youth sports volunteers can be divided into two separate groups.

The first group I call idealists: those who really want to teach kids, are passionate about sports and will spend time

teaching and promoting fair playtime for everyone on the team. You can tell who the many parents and children who are blocking the tests are.

I call the second and more socially corrected group “Wannabes,” (often I didn’t do sports),

individuals who think of

every mistake missed mistake, bad transition, or brain concussion that usually occurs in the 4th quarter of the brain

– and football game, a description of masculinity, an inescapable primary problem …

even if the offending party is only 9 years old …

We saw it all, after the winner allowed the ball, he yelled at the 10-year-old football ball over his lungs … what a teacher …

It s for the Kids Maybe Not The Dark Side of Parental

While these mood swings are good enough to absorb food, one of my young coaches in a neighboring town reported

it to me, and it was due to the wannabes working in the system to set up this autumn tour group with them. children

and their children are friends despite their talents (or lack thereof).

The head of this special tourism organization, the president of the association,

and the team’s coach tried to test this

“minor” misunderstanding through the eyes of suspicious parents and players.

They decided to “test” because there were so many children to be enrolled in a separate fall group. It is very bad that

the three children whom the coach knows well cannot “try” … Parents have to travel, sit, have family trips and so on

to have a son for this test. they said they were returning home. opportunity to create a tour group.

Fortunately, the three children who failed the original attempt had to take a “special” test just so they could form a

group … Hmm. Unfortunately, no other parents were notified a week after this “special” attempt.

It s for the Kids Maybe Not The Dark Side of Parental

What this neer-do-well do”It’s for the Kids” – Maybe Not – The Dark Side of Parental es not count is the courage and perseverance of one of the 14-year-old participants, who is

a star player in many positions at 5-9 and 170 LBS. electric current.

Did I test and say I made a list of long-time club teams in our area?

The young man could not understand a few things about the process. First of all, because most of the children

selected in the official “test” are from the same school as the coach’s son (can I say that most of the children selected

for the group have low talent with a wide margin?).

Second, why other children were not notified of a special “attempt” a week later.

He called the coach of the tour group to find out why he didn’t make it.

It s for the Kids Maybe Not The Dark Side of Parental

Good behavior, a child’s responsibility, looking for a response to getting better, right?

Of course, the coach didn’t see

it that way, choosing to ignore the child’s work from 3 phone calls and the same amount of e-mail.

Instead, like any other man, the president of the Youth Sports Association called on the 14-year-old to cry!

The VP of the travel agency and the president of the association make this fairy tale even more beautiful by asking

the child’s father not to harass this coach! They both tell their father that a week later they actually had an extra

“test” that these three special kids had to try and perform miraculously!

In fact, the father has many friends in the city who are engaged in youth sports, and because he does not like the

notion of a “shadow” test for some children, he has begun to learn the truth of what the officials are saying. Let’s find

out a week later that no tests were done … OMG! Really?

It s for the Kids Maybe Not The Dark Si rental

The Dark Side of Parental
The Dark Side of Parental

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