Carbon Copy PRO Review – A Marketing System and Education

A Marketing System and Education

Carbon Copy PRO Review – A Marketing System and Education

Many network marketers, affiliate marketers, internet marketers, and small business entrepreneurs have heard of

Carbon Copy PRO. Many have joined and are building a business using Carbon Copy PRO. Of those who have not,

many seek objective reviews and insights into the Carbon Copy PRO system and its community; you can be

too. Before I continue, I want to point out something important that you should understand while researching

Carbon Copy PRO. This means that most reviews are written by members who praise Carbon Copy PRO, or by

competitors who offer an alternative business model. So most often in reading articles you will find a hint of one or

another bias, depending on the motivation of the writer. But don’t despair, the simplest action you can take is a free

training and marketing interview. This way you can hear firsthand what a company is without any commitment.

Carbon Copy PRO Review – A Marketing System and Education

For now, this article should enlighten you. For the sake of transparency, I would like to announce that I am a member

of Carbon Copy PRO and have been for more than a year. I’m not going to bring you a crazy income. However, I will

tell you that since I joined this community about 12 months ago, I have implemented what I learned through Carbon

Copy PRO, and now both I and my partner are regular online entrepreneurs from home. We have four children, so

working from home gives us a great work-life balance. However, understanding what it looked like and wondering

from the outside, I will do my best to explain Carbon Copy Pro as objectively and factually as possible. What is

Carbon Copy PRO? In 2004, entrepreneurs Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson introduced Carbon copy PRO, an

Carbon Copy PRO Review – A Marketing System and Education

educational platform, revenue opportunity, and a complete marketing system. The goal was to allow entrepreneurs

to learn and implement cutting-edge online marketing technologies to help grow their businesses. Already

successful in the home business sector, Jay and Aaron wanted to share what they knew by creating a redundant and

90% automated system. A system that can be learned and implemented by anyone with a desire to commit to

themselves and their success.2008 BIB: Business In A Box, a toolkit for potential entrepreneurs who are building

their network marketing business from home, was introduced.BIB gives members the keys to starting their online

marketing experience: First Month PRO Membership Professional Marketing Guide And Step By Step Marketing Guide.
A professional thinking guide to help you reconnect to programming, leaving most people financially stuck.

Carbon Copy PRO Review – A Marketing System and Education

Since then, PROs have released more support products, including their memberships, regular training interviews,

webinars with guest speakers, PRO university (offering members training modules in sales, marketing, and thinking)

and major marketing events. The back end of the PRO community provides members with the most advanced

marketing tools, knowledge, and resources to build a successful business, both online and offline. Carbon Copy Pro

has grown into a community of more than 198 countries and 40 languages. Members bring their unique business

and experience to the community. The PRO community provides an environment where people can learn from each

other collectively, grow as individuals, as well as in business and share their unique areas of expertise interactively. If

you want to take advantage of the new opportunities offered by Internet marketing, social networking, and the

Carbon Copy PRO Review – A Marketing System and Education

communications revolution in general, Carbon Copy PRO and its community may be right for you and your

goals. Network marketers, internet marketers, small business owners, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, financial

advisors, and many others from all walks of life have used the comprehensive “system” that PRO offers to grow their

business. Many members have been able to quit their jobs and become full-time entrepreneurs, including me. Is the

Carbon Copy Pro system working? Carbon Copy PRO is not for everyone and not everyone succeeds with Carbon

Copy PRO. Usually, for people who fail to use Carbon Copy PRO, this is because they have simply not done what they

Carbon Copy PRO Review – A Marketing System and Education

A Marketing System and Education
A Marketing System and Education

have been taught. However, the “system” works if you decide to install it. The most striking example of this is what

happened when Carbon Copy PRO partnered with Wealth Masters International, a top-level direct selling, asset

development, and financial education community. In 60 days, Wealth Masters sales increased by more than 400%.

This unprecedented success has brought Carbon Copy PRO into the stratosphere of direct sales. Since then, Carbon

Copy PRO has expanded its resources.

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