Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces

Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces

Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces

Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces
Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces

What brings some novels to the top of commercial sales charts, while other books fall into a poor sales rating?

What does a blockbuster do? A wonderful letter? Maybe not. Some time ago, I published a blog “Cleaning the

curtain”, in which I pondered when and why the author of the thriller series should call on this day and finish it.

In the article, I mentioned that writer Lee Child was going to publish his 22nd novel by Jack Richard,

The Midnight Line. Well, that’s history, and № 23, Past Tense, will be available in November 2018; great news for

Lee Child, his publisher, and for Jack Reacher’s fans around the world. After writing the work, it occurred to me that I

had never read a Jack Richard novel. And since Lee Child is a novelist from the top, and his series “Jack Reacher” is a

Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces

world top seller, I decided it was time to correct this anomaly  I would join the crowd and read Jack Richard to me.

I went to downtown Chiang Mai, to my favorite bookstore, Lost Bookstore, and picked up five of Jack Richard’s

paperbacks: “Killer Floor,” “The Hard Way,” “One Shot,” “Failure and Trouble,” and ” Make me. Secondly, they were

cheap but in good condition. When I got home, I got to them. I started with Killing Floor, the first in the series.

The plot, written in the first person, was sonorous and quite exciting. But, like many other novels today, I found it

inflated and excessive. My edition weighed 525 pages. I believe that good comprehensive editing would reduce it to

350 or even less and give a denser, much more dynamic book. Both were disappointing, and, in my opinion, poorly

written and edited and with horrible punctuation. Written in the third person, I was amazed at its banality.

It seemed to me that the story was staccato, awkward, and full of superfluous sentences and too many descriptions of

Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces

Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces
Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces

people and places. Many sentences lack verbs. And for me, a large number of one-syllable sentences and even one-

word paragraphs were painful. If I had passed this material to the agent, I would no doubt have received an

immediate letter of refusal. Then I read Make Me and felt the same. I started reading Kill Shot when I picked up a

copy of Personal, which, like Killing Floor, was written in the first person. It was normal, and I enjoyed it to some

extent. I never went back to Kill Shot. And I stopped reading Lee Child. Thinking, it seems as if the series was written

n by two different writers. And in a way this is true. In third-person novels, Lee Child narrates. There are six first-

person stories. The child hands the pen to Jack Reacher. And Reacher delivers the best book. First-person writing

gives the writer a free hand, an opportunity to break free of any grammatical and syntactic constraints, and to

Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces

speak the way he feels with the help of  The language can be rough or elegant. The narrator may be the gentle Dr.

Jekyll or the cruel Mr. Hyde. The character of the protagonist is revealed through the narrative tone. And, of course,

Jack Reacher, alone, stern individualist tramp, could not care for the subtleties of English grammar and good prose

when telling his story. Right? I believe that this freedom is one of the reasons why many writers choose to write in the

first person. The third-person narrative is a more complex arena with the law and order and rules of interaction that

the omniscient narrator must follow or face the consequences. Some writers can switch well and write in both.

According to the evidence, the child is not one of them. Lee Child is a freelance writer who has completely rejected

the discipline of grammar rules and instructions. I think he had to stay in the first person for the whole series.

Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces

Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces
Good Writing Bad Writing And Market Forces

And so he could accuse Jack Reacher of any rude anomalies This was the basis of Hemingway’s “theory of

inaction of the iceberg.” I believe that this also shows the writer’s respect for his reader. Of course, a good writer uses

both; he shows as well as tells. Lee Child prefers to tell rather than show. And it shows. You come across many

unpublished self-published books on Amazon, where many publications are not even edited on their own.

But Lee Child’s novels come from a publishing house. So why didn’t its publishers introduce their editors to work

and restrain it? Perhaps he is now so formed that they are leaving him. In an interview, he once commented that his

editors were “afraid to make me angry.” Really? Lee Child seems like a good guy. He had failures and overcame them.

I admire this, and its further success should be applauded.

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