10 Secretly Powerful Ways Explode Your

10 Secretly Powerful Ways Explode Your

10 Secretly Powerful Ways Explode Your

1. Ask for your confidence back in a minute

At some point in your life, you have experienced healthy levels of self-confidence. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t feel the

need to get it now. It’s like someone who’s never tried drugs suddenly says “I need another heroin fix …”

So, if you know you have self-confidence, you now know that it is entirely possible to find you again. In other words,

there is nothing wrong with the way your brain is made, the way your brain thinks, or the things you do with you

every day that can physically block your self-confidence.

Nothing has changed in the body since you last felt like a million dollars could change the way your brain works.

So think back to the time when you felt confident and tried to close your eyes and remember how you felt

10 Secretly Powerful Ways Explode You

physically, how your voice sounded and how people reacted to you.

The more you do this, the more your mind will be able to recreate its ability to hear those forgotten feelings.

Just think of it as a broken car that takes years to get started, the more you refresh the engine and unlock the key

(and maybe make some people back off), the faster you will be fully accelerated and safely enter the home.

Have as many details of this experience as possible so that it is clear in your mind. Take a look at this experience to

remind you that you were once confident and will ever be again!

2. Chart your Winnings

Write down your achievements in the past, even before today. You don’t have to win a marathon or get to the moon,

10 Secretly Powerful Ways Explode The

just things you’ve done successfully. Maybe you finished all your work on time, made someone smile, cooked a nice

dinner, or came home with one piece (which is a success today and this time!)

In other words, success is whatever you do that makes you proud of yourself. But what if you haven’t done one thing

all day or all week/month or year (impossible) and then do something tonight. Clean the house, cook dinner for

someone, give someone a present, write a poem, read something by reading a book … whatever, just do it … today.

Record all the achievements in a book, album, or folder. Remove it when you reach your destination. Maybe your

home office, your computer, T.V., workspace, or bedside table?

10 Secretly Powerful Ways Explode Your

10 Secretly Powerful Ways  Explode Your
10 Secretly Powerful Ways Explode Your

If your self-esteem is low, read your success stories to remind you that you have succeeded in the past and that you

have the potential to succeed (if not) in the future … never stop improving yourself.

You have the potential to improve every aspect of your life, no matter who you are or what you do. Self-improvement

is the source of all the good things that come into your life, and it deals with all the bad things that leave your life.

Write that …

3. Visualize yourself for success and high self-esteem.

See who you would be if you were successful outside, read to him, how they are going, spirit, talk, and more.

10 Secretly Powerful Ways Explode Your

Now try to be with that person in your mind, it will be hard to do at first, but if you make this your daily assignment

it will be easier, and it will work wonders for your self-esteem and confidence.

4. Set goals, not your own

Do it for yourself, plan your success, and reward yourself, at least emotionally by praising yourself whenever you

achieve some kind of success or a small step towards success. Don’t forget, success and personal development /

success is built on many small steps. Don’t underestimate the small steps by saying “don’t make them work”. I know

people 2 easy steps away from being a millionaire, but I passed everything up in the last two steps. Don’t follow their


10 Secretly Powerful Ways Explode Your

10 Secretly Powerful Ways  Explode Your
10 Secretly Powerful Ways Explode Your

Make small goals that you can achieve, to begin with, it is a great incentive to achieve the goal, no matter how small it

may seem to others. However, do not dwell on goals that are too young. You will never get out of bed every day if your goal is simply to “finish the day” at work.

5. Talk about your body parts.

We’ve all been in social situations when someone jumps into a room, contacts him, and starts chatting with everyone

around him. There are no standards in this world, only believers and people who want to believe. Make your choice.

When you learn to believe in yourself, don’t even think about who you are or what people think … because you don’t

need to know that. All you need to know is that you are the right person to

walk on this floating rock like the following.

In my case, I didn’t care if you were a college loser.

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