5 More Traits Shared by Self-Made

5 More Traits Shared by Self-Made

Welcome to the second part of the first ten characteristics of millionaires who made their own money.

This article will complete the list and your idea of what you need to do to achieve wealth and prosperity in your life.

As you now know from the first article in this series, these secrets apply not only to achieving financial success but

also to building healthy relationships and to your self-improvement. To round out this list, I recommend that

you complete all of the steps listed in these two articles. Once you get hired and become a habit, you will undoubtedly

notice significant changes in yourself and the world around you.


5 More Traits Shared by Self-Made

Since you have planned, organized, and prepared for the opportunities in life, you should be ready to leap as

soon as they present themselves. There are no guarantees of success, and successful people know this, plan

contingencies, and are prepared. Many people can train for months or years, waiting for a certain day to arrive, and

then sometimes become paralyzed by the emotions that arise when the opportunity arises.

Emotions are not a problem. We all experience emotions of anxiety, fear, doubt, and excitement. The truly successful

people in this category are distinguished by the fact that they are ready for emotions again and know how to process

so as not to interfere with the achievement of the final goal.

5 More Traits Shared by Self-Made

ACTION STEP: Visualize your day when an opportunity arises, be it a job, a relationship, a task, and imagine the

moment. Take a piece of paper and write down the emotions you think you will experience the moment the

opportunity presents itself. What emotions will prevent you from taking advantage of this opportunity? Be honest

and thoughtful in your answer. Second, write down situations where emotions prevented you from taking risks.

Third, write down methods for dealing with these emotions when they reappear, and PRACTICALLY use these skills

as if the opportunity is now. You must practice using these skills so that you can master them when the opportunity presents itself.


5 More Traits Shared by Self-Made

This trait is related to the trait from the previous article on expert knowledge. Highly successful people find a way to

stand out from the crowd. They may have knowledge, skills, or a product that makes them stand out, and they

understand one very important fact. People always want the best and are willing to pay for it.

Think of someone famous like Donald Trump. His name is associated with wealth, fame, and high quality. He owns

casinos and apartment buildings, and people know they do their best when they enter his property. It attracts and

beckons people. On some subconscious level, we want the best. The best food, clothing, car, home, vacation spot, or

whatever we want. People are looking for the best in these areas and are willing to pay for high quality.

5 More Traits Shared by Self-Made

You must develop a unique service and offer it to others. Self-earning millionaires know that you must first serve

others and then you will be rewarded in return. This trait is not related to greed. Find a unique and creative way to

solve a problem or provide a service. Develop it and offer it to others. Then you will grab attention and seek your service.

ACTION STEP: Search online for groups in your area, such as BNI or Meet up groups. If you don’t have a unique

idea or service, go to an entrepreneur’s meeting and hear what others are doing. Surrounding yourself with creative

people will awaken creativity in you. If you have an idea, bring it to the meeting and start promoting it to others as a

service. You must share this with others so that they understand the value you provide.

5 More Traits Shared by Self-Made

# 3) underestimating and overestimating

This trait of rich people is of paramount importance. In a relationship or job of any kind, you should always be

willing to do more than is asked of you. This is the best way out of any undesirable situation.

The psychological reaction of most people when they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation is to do less than

is required of them. Think about a job you don’t like. You are likely to be somewhat negative, fearful of commitments

5 More Traits Shared by Self-Made

you have to fulfill, and will always look at the clock for the rest of the day. In the worst situations, you may even

worry about leaving the office for fear of bumping into your boss or coworker. You can never do the best job possible

if your mind is not focused on that goal.

Great people do more than they ask for, achieve more, and, importantly, don’t make big promises. If you are not sure

if you can participate in a project, meeting, or relationship request, you should say so. Otherwise, you risk failing by

taking on excessive responsibility. I’m sure you know someone who says, “I’ll call you back later,” but doesn’t call

back. Maybe you will.

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