9 Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want to

9 Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want to

9 Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want to

Shopping online can be fun, but to get ahead, one must use common sense and some good tactics.

Shopping on the Internet should start here. This guideline is designed to help you enjoy the online shopping

v- you can also earn some cash and take some savings tips:

1. Use our contact button – always!
If you are interested in purchasing a product or service online, first contact the site using their “Contact Us” button.

If you do not receive a response within 24 – 48 business hours – be very careful in doing business with this site. Even

for reputable sites – you still need to see how their customer service is, so don’t skip this step. Growing up doesn’t

have to mean good customer service. The answer should not be automatic which advises you to check the site FAQ

for your answer. The trick is to make your question one that will have to be answered by a real person.

9 Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want to

2. join their affiliate program.
If you have a website – and want to buy something online, first check that the site you intend to buy offers an affiliate

program. If they do, it gives you a better chance of seeing how they will treat you and anyone you send on the road.

Joining the affiliate program offers a threefold opportunity:

First: Customer Service Pre-Sale Testing. This is another way to test customer service by applying for an affiliate

program. If you receive a friendly response within 24-48 business hours and you feel comfortable with the site, go

ahead and join their affiliate program. The next thing you buy is buying it first but with your link on your site.

Second: You get the purchase payment and that’s just a sweet bonus! You will usually receive a refund of one percent

9 Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want to

or one set of your purchase. Check how long it takes for your cookies to expire. Of course, the long run is better – the

best cookies are the ones that never run out. If you have a busy site, you can market your product before your cookie

expires and make huge commissions.

Third: Customer Service Post Cell Check. You are now in a position to join this site as well as the customer. As a

customer, you can guess – was the service and the item ad-hoc? Was the service friendly? Did the product arrive on

time? What was the quality according to the ad? Have you received an electronic receipt? Was there a follow-up

contact for inquiries about a delivery, etc.? If you get all the right answers then you can now confidently proceed to

market this product on your site because now you are living your life, breathing a credible compliment.

9 Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want to

9 Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want to
9 Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want to

3. Charge it with confidence.
Many first-time online shoppers are wary of flashing their credit card charges for several reasons.

There are countless stories about online credit card fraud. Be careful, use common sense. Credit card companies are

also very vigilant and proactive in protecting their customers, but this should not put you in the right position.

Follow these tips and you will reduce your risk. Keep the limit at $ 500 or less.

A. Only shop on sites that look/feel like a real person – that is, misspellings, outdated historical content – for

example, the 2006 Salon Trade Show advertisement leads to unmanned sites in 2008. Is.

Beware of watchdog sites – sites that aren’t really in the retail but host a lot of retail links.

9 Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want to

E. If you are not sure, the first line of defense is – use the “contact us link”. If no one, leave immediately.

When you shop online you will undoubtedly get a lot of email contacts from the sites with which you do business.

Soon your email inbox will become cluttered with these emails.¬† Here’s what I suggest – create a folder in your email

l program for each company with which you do business and save all their contacts in their respective folders. This

way you can easily and quickly access everything you get, such as a service guarantee, warranty, commission

9 Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want to

9 Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want to
9 Tips Guaranteed to Make You Want to

promise, receipts, contract terms, etc. if a dispute arises later.

This trick is especially good if you are given a password and username

to log in to a site some time ago and now need it. Yes – most, if not all, sites

have a password/username retrieval process but why wait for a response

if you only need to check your folder. This tip is also good for correspondence with lawyers, school teachers, etc.

If necessary, file it.

This tip helped me recently when I learned from Electronic Receipt I.

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