Fame Operation – Design Shops Rely On

Design Shops Rely On

Fame Operation – Design Shops Rely On

In a sense, selling is not just for the goods but also for those who have experienced the shopping environment, which

requires investors to decorate. Well-designed, it takes a lot of money to spend, the simple decoration can not stop

consumers, can waste business opportunities. In the end, how do you balance the relationship between saving money

and attracting customers? Some renovation experience is worth more than other investors.

She did marketing, advertising, and many other things, so fame decor is a great way to save money.

It is based on shops, long and narrow, covering an area of about 16 square meters. To make the more beautiful shop

more attractive, she makes two walls gold around the shallow brush, after the door to see that the wall is like a red

watermelon brush. Color harmony and contrast, impressive.

Fame Operation – Design Shops Rely On

In addition, he is still on the roof of the Wave Butter Color machinery lifting, 10 fashion paintings above the nail on

both sides of the shelf, hitting 20 lamps will hang a red curtain, the location of the interior window, yarn in front of a

model. Machinery to create a warm and romantic effect, it became a line of shops in a dozen. A business that attracts

a lot of curious eyes. Its stores can cost around a few dollars in some savings, with the cost of renovating the area approximately.

This cheap method is very simple, it is the first relatively well-known clothing stores and specialty stores, compile a

good return form to determine the style of their decoration, but it does not go to any decoration companies or

contractors ۔ But put the decomposition process of each item, and find their material, buy the material

Fame Operation – Design Shops Rely On

requested to sell to the owner on the laborer, the wage can talk directly to the laborer, it avoids the middle stages of exploitation, Of course, money

The process is not complicated, for example, it needs to be brushed into the wall below the materials available in the

market to sell the paint shop and the shop owner asked for the wall area and the quantity to be purchased. Help shop

owners count it, no need to hurry, but for many people in the market with the site, Price will be the cheapest to buy,

and help your boss introduce whitewashing patrons. Asked to do The market for building materials dealers is

generally known to many workers that the price is not high. This can save at least double the cost of renovations.

Shop image should not be fixed –

Fame Operation – Design Shops Rely On

Image design in stores, not difficult to pass the pre-existing set of standards, it will need to be inspected on your site

and will be shopping around and the direction of flow of people, sunshine, obstacles, color shopping around, style

Will see according to With these specific elements, according to the design standards. Now many reputations in image

design stores are very arbitrary,

It is based on their imagination or copy shops in the classroom, there is no shop to inspect the actual location, let

alone the competitor’s investigation. Product display is vertical learning, sales quality, and 40% factors are on

display. The perfect display will show the benefits of good products so that consumers can buy continuity products.

The display is divided into different themes based on themes display, promotions display, display design, different

displays, to attract customers and have good sales.

Fame Operation – Design Shops Rely On

Clothing style and image position from the customer base rating of the store to leisure clothing stores free, a sense of

comfort, a sense of rhythm-up background music, strong contrast colors and beautiful lighting, folding-up, positive

display, mutual interference On the display side, the shelf in the display gives a completely free feel. Lady Shopping

Centers have feminine colors, pale blue-white, red + white, red + white, trouser + white, white, black + white, is a

good choice, shopping lines flowing line, thin, soft light, more mirror (Birth Women like to look in the mirror, the

mirror when you come here often. Even if you don’t look at the clothes, they will attract them.

Design shops pay special attention to many factors

Fame Operation – Design Shops Rely On

Design Shops Rely On
Design Shops Rely On

1. Shopping centers are very compatible with each other by wearing

colorful uniforms, decorations, and colors. People will be able to see

the main colors of the store, but here the clothes and decorations are

not allowed to be re-matched in the same color, so the store had a very

dull color, it should be compared locally and overall.

2. The purpose of lighting. In clothing stores, lighting plays a key role

in the only piece of clothing that has no light.

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