Digital Shopping Without Borders An-

Digital Shopping Without Borders An

Digital Shopping Without Borders An-

An evolution is taking place today that will forever change the relationship between retailers and their customers.

This new retail model, known as e-commerce, consists of

– Mobile commerce is supported by mobile devices and tablets

– New social commerce platforms integrating advertising, buying, and selling in the social media environment (e-commerce)

While e-commerce in retail is today a significant and powerful engine of growth, the overall impact of digital

shopping on the retail enterprise today extends to most retail sales. About 60 percent of US retail sales involve digital

l tools in one way or another. The influence works in both directions. According to a November 2013 survey of US digital

Digital Shopping Without Borders An-

shoppers by consultancy Accenture, 78 percent of respondents reported: “surfing the web” or searching for

information on the Internet before heading to a store to shop. The same Accenture study found that 72 percent of

respondents when they saw a product in a store called it “showroom” or “digital shopping.” Then consumers merged

online and offline into a single shopping process.

Digital purchases don’t always lead to immediate conversions, but they do have an impact on the

purchase. While this may seem like nominal growth, some large retailers have already generated e-commerce

revenues, accounting for 14.3% of their total revenues. in the second quarter of 2014. 43% of the largest online

Digital Shopping Without Borders An-

retailers in the US reported cumulative e-commerce transactions of $ 24.53 billion in

the second quarter of 2014, up 19.2% over the same quarter of 2013.

Indian digital shoppers will spend Rs 54,700 crore on goods from other countries, and this figure is expected to grow

by more than 75 percent in 2016, according to a report from payments company Pay Pal. is gradually narrowing.

Within the limits of the number of digital shoppers that will grow exponentially, this will translate into an increase in

the number of shoppers shopping at global retail stores with an online presence, according to the Managing Director

of PayPal India.

Emerging trends show that young consumers have developed a strong taste for online shopping.

Digital Shopping Without Borders An-

It was also noted that the main source of traffic for online shopping and social media activity is young consumers in

the 13-25 age group. As a result, the number of online shopping platforms has increased and expanded significantly

in recent times. some years.

According to a report of 10 million online shoppers in India, roughly a million online shoppers in India,

approximately 3.8 million shop overseas. Average cross-border spending is also higher than spending on digital

purchases domestically. In 2015, the average cost of cross-border transactions by approximately 3.8 million cross-

border buyers were about 1.42 lakh per cross-border buyer. e-commerce industry. In the survey, 62 percent of those

Digital Shopping Without Borders An-

Digital Shopping Without Borders An
Digital Shopping Without Borders An

surveyed made purchases only domestically, 36 percent made purchases domestically and abroad, and 2 percent

made purchases only abroad. That number would be higher if it weren’t for concerns about shipping and customs

duties that will be charged on products. Problems with returning items that were found to be defective or not as

described have also contributed to a decrease in the number of people buying goods from other countries. And 53

percent of those who bought goods in other countries used the address of a family or friend in another country.

In 2013, the number of active sellers participating in the Amazon FBA program grew 65 percent, with 73 percent of

participants surveyed admitting that their single sales on Amazon had increased 20 percent since joining the


Digital Shopping Without Borders An-

Digital Shopping Without Borders An
Digital Shopping Without Borders An

Alibaba is China’s largest e-commerce company and also hosted the largest initial public offering in history in 2014,

with $ 248 billion in transactions on its online sites during 2014, more than eBay and Amazon combined. … Airplay,

Alibaba’s online payment platform, processed more than three times the number of mobile payments processed by

PayPal. Alibaba’s IPO and business operations generated a lot of interest from investors but provided very few

details on how they intend to operate in the United States.

Experts believe it is part of their strategy to reach an estimated 50 million people of Chinese descent living outside

their home country and provide local people in China with access to the world’s best roses.

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