Future of Social Shopping – Key Trends

Future of Social Shopping

Future of Social Shopping – Key Trends

Chicago, 2010: Dan is

to buy the right home theater system to match his newly purchased LED TV. Dan

didn’t know much about home theater programs so he went to where he set up his online program

“Media Closet” which tracks all the tools and equipment he currently has. Dan was able to find 18 “Audio Gurus” who

also understand the current products in his media closet. These gurus are voted as experts by the online community

so Dan thinks he can trust their recommendations. Dan invited one of the experts to view his “Internet Media closet”

– which features information about a Blu Ray player, a TV set, a Netflix streaming device, and a WII console that

would like to connect to a home theater system. The consultant recommends two high-rise home theater programs

currently on sale. Dan bought one of the home theater programs and Audio Guru received affiliate sites from Bestbuy

for his help in consulting marketing.

Future of Social Shopping – Key Trends

New York, 2010: It’s 11:30 pm and Sally is looking to buy new clothes for the upcoming Christmas celebration.

You go to, pick up a suit and matching shoes and save a new look in your profile. She is encouraged by

Look if you want to get advice from her friends. Looklet introduces all your Facebook friends online via the Facebook

link. Sally found out that Nancy and Tina’s best friends were also online and were invited to advise on the new

look. They can chat and view products in real-time. Both Nancy and Tina love new clothes but they are not

crazy about new shoes. Sally was able to find other “Fashion Professionals” on the Looklet who are interested in the

same dress – and she was able to find the best shoes based on recommendations from those experts. Welcome to the

latest surprise in online marketing – “Social Shopping”. This term has been used more and more in the last few

Future of Social Shopping – Key Trends

months to describe the future of online shopping. Although the above two examples are not yet real many pieces

of these ideas are practiced in many online retailers. For all this hype surrounding social media shopping, I think it

would be good to talk about some useful examples where online retailers can start thinking about implementing

some of these tips on their platforms.

Improvement of Social Networking

If we think about the development of the social networking site, it has developed significantly in the last few years.

It starts with “Relationship Based” where people can connect with others and stay in touch. Then it comes into the

open medium where social platforms play the role of a machine that allows third-party applications to enable

Future of Social Shopping – Key Trends

increased social interactions between people. Now, it has developed even further where all interactions are the right

source (think Facebook Accounts Feed) where users only see information and conversations in the mode they are

interested in. The next strategic step in this evolution is to allow the distribution of products and services within the

social environment so that users can turn to their friends and trusted experts for advice on purchasing products.

For those who think social media shopping is a trend, consider this-What do you recommend a great product?

Is the number of visitors recommending something or is the person recommending it the most important? In other

words, if you are asked to choose between a book on Amazon that is 5 stars by 10 visitors and another book is highly

recommended by a close friend who has very similar tastes and backgrounds like you – which book is more likely to

buy? If the answer is the latter, then you believe in the power of social purchase. The only thing you need is an altar

Future of Social Shopping – Key Trends

Future of Social Shopping
Future of Social Shopping

that helps you listen to the recommendations of a friend and supporter who relies on the format. Connecting

Facebook is the first step that will make these interactions possible in a meaningful way. Still not convinced?

advertising internationally, according to the latest twice-published Nielsen Global Online Survey Survey. Nielsen

Research, the largest similarly, shows that nine out of every 10 Internet users worldwide (fifty percent) trust the

recommendations from people they know, while seven out of every ten (seventy percent) rely on customer feedback.

“OK – enough about general ideas and numbers. Let’s take a look at the specific words that are possible to develop a

Future of Social Shopping – Key Trends

Future of Social Shopping
Future of Social Shopping

social marketing platform in the coming months and years:

The important world is Social Shopping

Benefit 1: Product Discovery (Help me find the right product)

This is where the most practice is today. If you think about most social media shopping sites today such as Kaboodle or

Stylehive, allow users to follow other experts and discover new products daily.

The most important tools to make this sense are flies.

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