Knowledge, the Second Tool of Self

Knowledge, the Second Tool of Self

Knowledge, the Second Tool of Self

About creating global self-improvement. Again, local corruption, the World Bank, and other confusing human global

issues: in the third and some so-called first world nations, it is not wise to pay chaotic corrupt governments for this

matter; Who are in a state of spiritual and social decline through widespread corruption and criminal activity. Many

clever sociologists and opportunists are doing their job in the highlands, not the people in those chaotic nations. So

this money is not being spent wisely. Not being set for the good of the community within a nation.

Example: The loss of life-sustaining the great rivers that destroy the natural development of the land and its

environment for the reward of some people’s self-satisfaction, ego, and big money. One of the biggest troubles in the

Knowledge, the Second Tool of Self

Knowledge, the Second Tool of Self
Knowledge, the Second Tool of Self

The Middle East is coming from a time called thoughtless progress. I’m fine, Jack, there’s no way to go with nature’s

resources … really anything with nature. Look at the resource-hungry industrial China driven by new greed. At the

United Nations, to protect those resources at the expense of building global unity and harmony and true progress, to

do the wrong thing in the face of corruption and controversy.

Example: Free Swiss and other offshore bank accounts of crooked politicians and government officials in corrupt

countries receiving money from the World Bank and IMF are supposed to pull their national economies out of

recession and poverty. Boot Camp Wake Up Wake this nation on the subject of destructive systemic and local

Knowledge, the Second Tool of Self

corruption: Understand that ordinary people need help, not those who are currently ruling for their own pockets and

interests. This big business has driven entrepreneurial corruption, which has no place in nations in this century.

Those who control and manage must work with their consciousness through the self-referral laws of nature if they

want the future of the nation and its people through spiritually achieved self-improvement.

Explanation: In that evolved structure of spiritual consciousness and its reality, it is natural to work for the good of

the whole and not self-serving self-service to mislead it. Then those in power will serve the people wisely and without

any hypocrisy and hypocrisy, without portraying them as political corruption, manipulation, exploitation and

Knowledge, the Second Tool of Self

entrepreneurial millionaires and other powerful opportunistic politicians, government officials, and leaders of nations.

So, what the poor nations don’t need in any situation, the following are the big business and government-supplied

goods … Guns, Bullets, Second-Hand Tanks, Second Hand Helicopter Gunships, Second Hand Warships, Second-hand guard missiles, mines, artillery shells, polluting chemicals, t. According to Elf’s tea leaves, now is the time to

solve the problem of pollution on the Day of Judgment or it will solve it all in the 21st century.

Elf’s overworked tea leaves are also indicating that big global business is destroying inflation, pollution,

consumerism, corruption, greed, and the recent collapse of nations’ economies and their unique way of life.

Knowledge, the Second Tool of Self

With the mantra of maximizing profits in the global marketplace and its enthusiastic greed for constant

manipulation, monopolies, exploitation, and fraudulent business bargaining. Big corporate business activity that just

compliments the already prosperous I’m right Jack is a self-serving minority in poor countries. So not only the

people who have to benefit from the cost of those huge investments but also at the expense of the social and spiritual

development, culture, life, and future of a nation.

In Boot Camp Spiritual Definitions Summary, the above is called division and economic rape, not progress and

prosperity for all. Note the out-of-control mining and oil giants who have lost the spiritual plot of life in the physical

Knowledge, the Second Tool of Self

l plot of corporate greed … with their equally deceptive shareholders.¬† the fifth card they draw is not the S, but the fiber

king of the spades. They have crossed the vague edge of supply and demand and gone into the abyss of excess, greed, and delusion. Like greedy piggy banks, they all want to double their profits every month and every quarter … every

year and every year and call it growth and prosperity.

Yes, it is progress, an illusion writer prosperity greed does not progress the ground anywhere for our species. Sell,

sell, there is a fight in those board rooms, full speed is ahead and put it on credit if the consumer can’t afford it – what

is selling? Thus enter the shiny.

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