The Self-Help Kool-Aid Acid Test

The Self-Help Kool-Aid Acid Test

The Fox-News-style drama currently revolving around the self-help industry is alarming.

Be very scared.

If a writer or news organization can intimidate you, and then convince you that they

will keep you informed and safe, they have got you. You sit at home in the blue light of your

TV screen (or computer), and they have a captive audience to sell.

Even if you do not know that they are selling.

I can not see where buying with fear will serve you. Can you

Now, we see the same kind of intimidation targeting the self-help industry.

The Self-Help Kool-Aid Acid Test

Looking back at all the rubbish, we are told to fear: Y2K, genocide, weapons, the end

of the world, all kinds of flu, socialism, our guns are confiscated- no problem in the real

world- the time to call BS is approaching on the fear factor.

Let’s look at this horrible thing called the self-help industry, right?

The most visible and tragic event in the self-help industry at this time was the deaths

at the James Ray event. There was a sweat lodge at the event. Many died at the Sweat Lodge.

Yes, it is sad. However, this is also disturbing.

The Self-Help Kool-Aid Acid Test

James Ray included the Sweat Lodge celebrations in other events and no one died.

Many people came out of the sweat lodge at the Ray event.

Why did people die at this special event? So far, no one can answer that question.

Furthermore, bloggers are openly saying and news channels are suggesting that James Ray was convicted of premeditated murder.

I do not know. You do not know. The police, perhaps, are working on it and we know when the facts are.

Until then, it’s all imagination.

The Self-Help Kool-Aid Acid Test

I have my doubts.

It is my opinion that this is a tragic accident. I bet you’re right. Did anyone take it?

An attempt is being made to form a specific argument: “People died at the James Ray event. James Ray was in the

self-help industry. Therefore, the self-help industry kills people, this is a bad thing, and it must be stopped.”

Because the U.S. military has produced a cowardly criminal like Oliver

North, all soldiers are cowardly criminals and we must tear down the U.S. military.

This is dumb.

Another aspect of the James Ray story is the event price.

The Self-Help Kool-Aid Acid Test

That’s about $ 10,000. At lunch today, the restaurant TV tuned in to the Fox News Channel, and the bubble-headed

bleaching blonde who reads the “news” feared he would charge so much. Her incredible appearance and curved

eyebrows convicted him on the spot.

Here is a news for you. And I mean true news, not “fair and balanced” news. Many self-help and marketing

professionals charge too much for events. It could be a bargain.

Let’s look at it from an internet marketing perspective, because it is my main niche and the business I am most familiar with.

With a good idea, effective marketing‌, you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. A brilliant idea, along with

excellent marketing‌, can earn you millions of dollars over the weekend. I watched it finish.

The Self-Help Kool-Aid Acid Test

By the way- in business, we keep the score with dollars. Read “Atlas Shrugged” if it bothers you. I’ll wait.

So, if you spend the weekend with Don Kennedy, Frank Kern, Armand Morin, or anyone on that group of people who

make that kind of money regularly, what’s worth it? Let me tell you what it costs – much more than $ 10,000.

Try to buy Armand’s three-day time for ten grand. He smiles in your face.

For example, if I could spend an evening with Richard Branson,

I would pay ten grandmas without a blink and be grateful for the opportunity.

Give me six hours. I buy dinner and drinks. Sir Richard and I are currently

The Self-Help Kool-Aid Acid Test

looking at my business and discussing where I should take it- and Sir Richard will

l explain to me how to achieve my goals, what resources I need and where to find them, and introduce me to some of

the people who can help me complete it. If I couldn’t turn that $ 10,000 evening into a million dollars in six months I

…. well, I would be very surprised. I bet there are ten other grandmas I can make.

Sir Richard will not take that offer. Six hours of his time, if he could bother to sell it, would cost more than $ 10,000. Bargain yet.

The Self-Help Kool-Aid Acid Test

The Self-Help Kool-Aid Acid Test
The Self-Help Kool-Aid Acid Test

Dr. Joe Vitale charges $ 5,000 to attend his Rolls-Royce Master Mind evenings. I participated in many events and

was well paid for it. In every case I saw, the customer walked away with more than $ 5K worth from the evening.

During the evening I saw the complete business plans designed.

Depending on the circumstances these evenings can be over five hours. If I do, it’s a good deal, because my “bill rate”

for consulting is $ 1,000 per hour. Jose is too much.

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