Shopping Feeds – What Are They How

What Are They How

Shopping Feeds – What Are They How

In today’s world, e-commerce websites cannot grow with the revenue they earn from their site.

A successful website must use various shopping websites on the Internet such as, Amazon, Biz Rate, Biz Buyer, Price Grabber, Froogle, etc.

Amazon, Nextag, Yahoo! Websites such as shopping, etc. are the most profitable websites on the internet.

What most people don’t know is that they don’t sell any products individually, they are made with thousands of small

retailers like you. They spend millions of dollars to advertise their websites and potentially drive traffic to their merchants for your benefit.

There are two main ways you can take advantage of this opportunity. Individual product uploads and product feeds.

Shopping Feeds – What Are They How

Once you have the approval for the account, it is very difficult to deliver all your products to them in the exact format

they need. Unfortunately, if it is not perfect they will bring it back to you. If you think you have more than a few

products, the product feed is your only real choice. Uploading 1 or 2 products is very easy, but the feed with thousands of products for my clients is the best and only option.

The product feed is an Excel spreadsheet that lists all the products and every feature of the product you

want to include. Some information required is price, description, product URL, picture URL, size, color, etc. Each

shopping site at the bottom has its format, Amazon is the deepest and most potential profit. We currently

represent clients earning more than $ 100,000 per month on Amazon‌.

Shopping Feeds – What Are They How

Some shopping sites where we create product feeds are:

Amazon: is one of the branded global leaders in e-commerce. Being a marketplace as a shopping comparison

site, Amazon offers prices for everything from books, music, sports equipment, beauty supplies, and jewelry.

Amazon often sends products to other shopping destination sites to top shoppers and catalogs of products that work with thousands of merchants.
This unique site provides consumers with comprehensive, unbiased, and relevant product reviews and information

on millions of products to help them make ideal purchasing decisions and the ability to shop for those products from

Shopping Feeds – What Are They How

brand name retailers on the web. Its proprietary AIR (Affinity Index Ranking) technology is built using contextual

analysis that involves human intelligence to deliver objective offers a comparison shopping

service to help shoppers get the best deal on hundreds of merchant storefront sites. Their goal is to find the right

product at the best price to save your time and money. A relatively new shopping comparison site, they are well funded and growing.

Biz Rate:
Bizrate is now a shopping district but still a shopping destination. Bizrate was one of the first shopping comparison

sites and one of the largest, fastest, and most accurate shopping search engines on the Internet today. Bizrate sends

manufacturers’ catalog feeds to other shopping destination sites to maximize products for shoppers.

Shopping Feeds – What Are They How

Buyers’ margin:
Buyers Edge is a leading comparison shopping search engine designed and developed by a team of consumer product

experts who specialize in consumer buying behavior. Millions of online shoppers visit Buyers’ Edge monthly for

unbiased product reviews, price comparisons, dealer ratings, and buying advice. leads traders to

targeted and qualified sales, while at the same time promoting their products and increasing brand awareness.

Commission Junction:
Commission Junction, ValueClick Company, is a leader in performance-based online marketing, providing

Shopping Feeds – What Are They How

What Are They How
What Are They How

sophisticated solutions that facilitate strategic online relationships between advertisers and publishers, delivering

measurable results to each client. By publishing performance metrics on advertisers, publishers, and advertising in its

marketplace and enhancing its expertise in online marketing through service, education, and promotion,

billions of monthly influences, making it one of the largest advertising networks in the world.

Publishers place ads and links directly in and around their content and earn commissions.

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