Learning to Write, So Others Can Read

Learning to Write, So Others Can Read

Learning to Write, So Others Can Read
Learning to Write, So Others Can Read

Learning to Write, So Others Can Read

As far back as I can remember, my handwriting in those early days was truly terrifying. No one, not even the writer,

could read or make sense of anything written. However, the # 2 pencil marks on the white pages, with two cords for

my copy – were my best handwriting. Masculinity that looked like an invisible art – something is said, however, the

concept is not hidden. Curator at the national museum would have made my writing easy among the antiquities of

ancient civilization – an unknown language to be translated.

However, I honestly agree that I was the one who wrote whatever was on those pages. Undoubtedly, the language of

our British Colony – English. I am familiar with scratches on the surface, the capitals are very liberating – like the

Learning to Write, So Others Can Read

letters in the alphabet soup and very brightly, the few holes in the pages, the rounds on the pages are caused by

excessive wiping and spitting. I just touched my tongue with a towel and with a violent circular motion; I tried

to clear up the mistakes – only to cover up the ambiguity, of my first attempt.

Anyone who tries to translate this intricate mixture is always stumbled by these long characters in the middle of the

woRd. Without sequence or pattern, large letters appeared as punctuation marks turning wild. My teachers, who

should never have been prepared to look at rubbish or do any kind of digging – trying to figure out what was being

tried – often let go of the big frustration.

Learning to Write, So Others Can Read

“Who is the spy on earth?” Everyone asked …

None of my teachers, family doctors, or my parents can find the cause, or put a handle on this unusual situation – or

worse – find the right solution to my complaint. (He wasn’t the one complaining.) However, I called my

condition “dys-letter-Xia.” (A small change in the homeowner– dyslexia.) This condition affects one in seven

billion people on earth. The victim always has an undeniable practice of randomly inserting capital letters in “VeRy

WOrd.” However, he is not mentally strong; nor do they show any obvious signs of muscular or physical disability.

His cognitive skills seem normal and are consistent with the average man of his age group.

Learning to Write, So Others Can Read

Learning to Write, So Others Can Read
Learning to Write, So Others Can Read

Plus, all of my scratched scripts looked like this syntax of an overworked man, ready to retire a stenographer, trying

desperately to keep his hand steady after an extended weekend with his airy friend-Vodka.

So, all my homework, including homework, was reduced to “F” – failed. Almost all the lines of my “Weakest make-

up” efforts like Ms. Pablo, my English teacher explained it — it was a doomed sentence. The past tense “by” has been

made present and my view was distorted.

My extensions sounded instead of modified.

Adjectives are dismissed rather than defined.

Learning to Write, So Others Can Read

The commas are set up all over the place as a two-year-old playroom.

Colonies are placed where there should be semi-colonies, causing conditions such as diarrhea without stops, without

the end of the so-called essay.
Nouns include captions from the first letter to the last letter.

The pronoun he, he, she, they, and they were used as conjunctions and the conjunction began in almost every sentence.

It wasn’t until my second year of high school that Ms. India, Math. The teacher helped. (Yes maths teacher.)

Learning to Write, So Others Can Read

He bought notebooks for the whole class. (Apparently, some students had writing books.) As a result,

after two weeks of hard practice, a series of exercises, my writing improved – much to the delight of all my teachers.

For the first time, I began to see A’s in my assignments. I am learning to write.

Now I am here, after almost 15 years of doing Accounting, and 22 years as a Home Restore contractor – I am trying to

change jobs again. I want to be a writer. I still love writing. Only then can I read what I am writing.

However, when I finish my final assignment with Writers Digest University, I desperately need Pepcid-Ac for my in-

Digest-ion. I continued to bark, completely uncomfortable, as I fought, almost losing hope while composing my


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