Let’s Write Something: Part Two

Let’s Write Something

Let’s Write Something: Part Two

Today let’s talk about writing posts for your blog, timeline, or Facebook groups, or anywhere else you post the

articles you write. Here I would never outsource the writing of my article ever. I want everything I write and put my

name in any post to be MINE. This is my experience, that’s how I feel and that’s what I want to give to my readers.

No one else can produce a copy that is truly yours except YOU.

This is very important for me and to become an authorized person on the internet. Imagine that people read your

things and give you an opinion about you, and what you read you didn’t even write. This is just fake for me and not

an honest way to do internet marketing. You need to write your articles. In this way, you are the person, the

Let’s Write Something: Part Two

presence that writes them. That’s why so many times when I write articles, I talk not only about my business but

also about my life. Because it’s me.  If I’m just talking about business, then I’m just another coach, not a real person.

Always be yourself when you write. Always try to tell what you feel and what you are trying to tell people.

NEVER be afraid, to be honest when writing. If people hate you, so be it. But at least you have an opinion from them.

When I write my articles, I don’t mind any comments or feedback my readers give me. If they want to tell me what I

wrote is wonderful, it’s wonderful. And I always thank them for their compliments. If they want to tell me my article

sucks, so be it. That’s what writing is about. To get a reaction and, of course, to inform and educate. If you

Let’s Write Something: Part Two

look at the comments on my blog, you’ll see that I’m posting all the relevant good or critical comments.

At least I was noticed. At least people read what I wrote. I wrote my things. I didn’t outsource a copy.

When writing for posts, try to give your readers valuable quality information. Remember, this is your audience.

These are the people you’re trying to relate to. Try to let them know who you are and trust you and listen to what you

write. Imagine you are an actor and you introduce yourself to the audience. You try to be just as convincing in this

role and find out how real you can be. Act, but put your personality in the character you play. It’s the same when

you write. You need to meet your readers, your audience, how impressive you can be.  It’s about you, the thoughts

Let’s Write Something: Part Two

Let's Write Something
Let’s Write Something

and experiences you try to present to your readers. I think this paragraph is the most important part of writing that you can learn.

Please don’t try to tell me you don’t know what to write about. This is the weakest excuse I have ever heard from

internet marketers. Why are you in this business? You are here to be an authority in your online business, to attract a

next, a TRIBI so to speak. You are here to establish a relationship as an authoritarian figure in your tribe. And finally,

you are here to create enough trust in your TRIBA that they will buy from you. Then you make money. So all that

being said, it’s pretty obvious that you should have a lot to write about.

Let’s Write Something: Part Two

You should write about what you want your readers to know and what you are trying to teach or help them. It can be

anything. Write about what you do now in your business. Tell people about how you do things. Even if you don’t

make a fortune, he still talks about how you do things.  Tell TRIBULU a success story you’ve had. Or a failure that

you have experienced, so maybe they learn not to do the same things. Sit down and write. That’s what you have to do.

You don’t have to be a so-called guru to be able to teach people or help them. I hate that internet marketing

word GURU. It’s so false to call yourself that. Too many successful traders call themselves by this name. But I give up

the subject here. What I’m trying to say is that you’re an expert in the eyes of your audience if they read what you

Let’s Write Something: Part Two

Let's Write Something
Let’s Write Something

write. They will digest what you have written, we hope it will be useful and useful and will formulate an opinion

about your writing. If they like what you have written and found it helpful, then maybe they will use it and read what

you post next time. If I hate what you wrote and I think you’re an idiot, so be it, let them think so. But believe me,

after a while you will build an audience, a TRIBE that you think you are an authority.

They will follow you and hopefully when it comes.

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