How Precision-Ag Changed the Field We

How Precision-Ag Changed the Field We

How Precision-Ag Changed the Field We
How Precision-Ag Changed the Field We

How Precision-Ag Changed the Field We

Health-related agriculture is a changing area that is beginning to become commonplace even in the smallest families.

With new technologies emerging every day, will you survive without a break? To answer this question, let’s take

a look at how the healthcare sector has changed over the years, exploring the reasons behind the evolution of

technology, including automated rate controllers, automated boom leveling systems. , Autosteer, and automatic boom

shut-off and their practical applications

What qualifies as accuracy-ag.

First, let’s take a look at what is Presentation-AG? Many farmers are already using healthcare elements and don’t

How Precision-Ag Changed the Field We

even realize it. Health-related agriculture can be described as an agricultural concept that depends on the existence

of change in the field. This requires the use of new technologies such as GPS, sensors, satellite, and aerial imagery, as

well as field management tools to assess variations in the field. But how does it affect you and the way you use it?

Automatic rate controllers

Let’s get started, let’s take a look at how a simple automatic rate controller can affect your spray. Gone are the days of

controlling your application rate by adjusting your speed and pressure by looking at gauges. Using the automatic rate

controller, the user could select the target rate and enter it into his controller. Then using a controller, a flow meter, a

How Precision-Ag Changed the Field We

How Precision-Ag Changed the Field We
How Precision-Ag Changed the Field We

control valve, and a speed sensor, this automatic rate controller was able to control your request rate for you to stay

on target. Inside the controller, several calculations were going on to make sure that if you’re set for five

gallons per acre, no matter what speed you’re going, you get it. Will be able to And if the controller can’t do that, it

will tell you. The controller takes constant readings from your flow meter and speed sensor to determine how far to

open your control valve. Doing so controls how much product you need to send to your spray tips and how fast it gets

there. It was a huge breakthrough in the spraying industry, but once the door was opened to embrace new

technologies, it was rapidly gaining ground.

How Precision-Ag Changed the Field We

Automatic boom height adjustment.


hit the field but also reduced operator fatigue.

still a complex part of technology.

the ground when you are applying.

and can either read the height of the boom from the ground or away from the crop roof.

to the existing hydraulic system of your boom controls. The wheel system works by touching the ground and the

How Precision-Ag Changed the Field We

pressure transducer then detects a large amount of pressure at that speed. Almost instantly this speed is raised

slightly until the pressure is relieved. With the ultrasonic sensor system, the user will choose the spray height he

wants to stay on his booms and these sensors take constant readings of the ground or canopy when the sprayer

travels in the field. As the height of the ground or canopy changes, the sensors will send a signal to the solenoids to

With the

an important task of always keeping your height away from dirt, the only major struggle to deal with it was to run the

machine yourself.

How Precision-Ag Changed the Field We

Global Positioning System (GPS)

With the introduction of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in the world of agriculture, there has been rapid growth,

such as the introduction of GPS guidance in the open market. Now a farmer can use his setup with an automatic rate

controller and install a GPS guidance system with it. By doing so, someone was able to get GPS guidance in their

sprayer. Not only did you have an auto rate controller that controlled your application rate, but the GPS guidance

system would “paint the screen” to show you where you previously applied in this field. ۔ Now you also can see if you have applied to certain areas or if there are any “scips” in your application so that you can easily

go back and “touch up” those areas.


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