There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria

There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria

There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria

Nigeria, which is the giant of Africa and with a population of over 150 million, can boast of a plentiful supply of both

skilled and unskilled resources made up of humans and women, which is the basis of the country’s capital.

However, it would be worth noting that the number of skilled but inactive is higher than the number of unskilled and

working people (Rotimi Ige, Tribune newspaper; Tuesday, July 6, 2010.) Before we discuss further, let us know what

is meant by the concept of ‘unemployment’. Eva Udu and Agu (2000) Unemployment is defined as a situation in

which able-bodied and willing to work cannot find a well-paying job.

Unemployment can be seasonal, frictional, internationally transmitted or structural. Seasonal unemployment occurs

There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria

in industries of a seasonal nature. Such industries take temporary labor during peak periods and release them during

the off-peak season. In one part of the country, when there are additional workers in a particular occupation, the

same houses are available and when other geographical locations in the same country are not filled, then friction

unemployment exists. Elsewhere, the lack of knowledge about the existence of job opportunities and labor instability

are the major factors contributing to this type of unemployment. Furthermore, in export-oriented industries, most of

the workers in the industries will be laid off if the demand in the industries decreases due to the deteriorating trade

of the importing country. Occasionally, there may be changes in aggregate demand patterns and in industry,

There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria

There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria
There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria

techniques. When this happens unfavorably, some workers may be affected and they will be strained again. This is called structural unemployment.

The unemployment rate in 2006 was only 2.9%. In 2007, it grew at an outrageous rate of 5.8%. Then, in 2008, it

dropped slightly to 4.9%. Since then, it has remained stable at that level until 2010 (CIA World Factbook). These

figures do not paint a positive picture of the Nigerian economy in terms of human resource employment because in a

A recent report by the National

The Bureau of Statistics states that there are more than 20 million unemployed graduates in Nigeria. A casual visit to any

of the employment testing centers will reveal the exact level of unemployment in the country. The test, conducted by

There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria

WAMCO consulting firm on behalf of a Dutch company last year had more than 30,000 candidates in attendance.

Another test conducted by the same firm on behalf of Honeywell reported higher numbers.

These candidates were the only ones who met the screening criteria (i.e. second class higher), I am not talking about

those who applied but were rejected. When most banks conducted their tests, security (illiterate) graduates were

used to run up and down.  Just because they wanted some jobs. One person rarely

passes ten people on the street without meeting at least one unemployed graduate. Some of these graduates have

traveled to all the cities in Nigeria in search of jobs; Not everything is useful. They have traveled from Lagos to Port-

Harcourt, Kaduna, Kano, Onita, and all the other places not to mention.

There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria

Some of the obvious

roots of the problem include population, educational curriculum, choice of studies, laziness, greed, government

policies, employment discrimination, and poor implementation of government employment policies.

The last census put the figure at one hundred and fifty million. Of these large numbers, more than 50% are in the

country’s labor force. This means that there will be a serious drag on the few available job opportunities. This

answers the reason why more than thirty thousand Nigerian graduates go out for job aptitude tests which will not take

twenty candidates.

There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria

There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria
There Is No Unemployment in Nigeria

Moreover, another major cause of unemployment in this country is the education system and the type of curriculum

they run. From elementary school to university, the curriculum is more theoretical than practical. In the eighties,

Molding objects, basket making, carving, and other crafts

exchange for crafts. So, after elementary school, the first school leaving certificate holder can do nothing with his

hands. There is nothing to write home about post-primary school.

and nothing more.

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