Twists and Faces of Earth

Twists and Faces of Earth

Twists and Faces of Earth

Twists and Faces of Earth
Twists and Faces of Earth

Tom’s stories

Tom writes about how the world looks casually at disadvantaged countries. It becomes an illusion that never ceases

to numb his brain. Wealthy people follow and some help, others are unaware of their poor conditions, but the

problems are great in terms of the scope and extent that any help given is like a drop in the ocean.

Tom headed to a region and tried to find solutions to their problems and found that people were bound together by

similar common traditions, institutions, and beliefs, so it was easier to guide, direct, and guide them. positively

influence. His help was imperative, as they faced a state of not having enough money to take care of their basic

Twists and Faces of Earth

needs, such as food, clothing, and housing. They also lacked food and health care issues, leaving them in full hope.

However, they were resistant to anxiety and worry because they had suffered enough, yet Tom wondered how people

could be acclimatized to anxiety, but in fact, people were not afraid to die. In real life, people don’t want to die unless it’s something else.

Tom tried to understand people’s mentality, but in doing so he had to go through a lot of trouble himself. He was

determined to help because he saw nations falling and disappearing. Tom developed a concept that accepting

human groups as they are, was a good thing to do, but helping people gain self-confidence was just as good; to look

at life as a precious gift.

Twists and Faces of Earth

Tom’s people were superstitious and believed in the supernatural, which interrupted the normal course of

development. Tom helped and supported them to build small houses and named the village Hope City.

Tom’s first move, which each of us would agree to share with me, was to recognize the differences between human

and non-human beings, facts, and fables. He was not a worker of help and charity, because he knew nothing about

charitable work. However, from the series of events and the unfolding fog of his comfortable life, he became involved

in providing help to people dying of poverty in remote, remote, and rural areas.

Tom realized that each of us had a heart for the well-being of others, an undeniable passion for others. He also

Twists and Faces of Earth

noticed that the inhabitants were getting stronger and healthier every day thanks to the well they were digging and

the few cassavas they could find. He established in him feelings of pity and sympathy that always survived in him.

People, after seeing the developments in the region, began to migrate from other villages to Hope City. Emigrants,

only men, saw how much women worked, became feminists for the first time, and began to respect women to ensure

equal rights and opportunities for women. Emigrants had the idea that women were born to give birth and to work in

the kitchen and take care of the household, but they changed their notions by seeing how effective women were.

To explain the reasons for Tom’s views in life, He had to turn around and see the greatest disasters and catastrophes

Twists and Faces of Earth

in history, namely, the First and Second World Wars. Tom started with the help of people to create a better world for

them. They started growing corn because the women were strong enough to start farming. Tom tried to follow the

rules of logical systems by doing agriculture as the explanation in his thoughts, an idea that had no physical or

practical existence. He also entered into conversations about religion, society, evolution, the diaspora, behavioral

patterns, their views on life, and all sorts of philosophical considerations. Indeed, agriculture has become the main

target that women knew. They became responsible for the cultivation and production of agricultural products. They

built small dams and built irrigation methods on farms in the area. At the same time, they were vigilant not to

contaminate the soil with its salt content to damage the farms. They straightened the soil with salt content and put

Twists and Faces of Earth

in small basins and dried them for their use.



Grand Canarias on a seriously dangerous sea. Without any knowledge of the risks, thousands and thousands sailed

from West Africa to the Canary Islands and from almost every country in West Africa, including North Africa.

Thousands knew their deaths. Due to tight control at their borders, the flow of migrants has moved to Senegal.

Although migrations

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