Global Climate Change the Bible Science

Global Climate Change the Bible-Science

Global Climate Change the Bible  Science
Global Climate Change the Bible Science

Global Climate Change the Bible-Science

According to daily news reports, the earth is suffering from serious global warming problems. Oceans are set to rise

nearly 26 inches in the next century, sinking our shores, including many large cities, and new beaches forming many

miles away from their current locations. Every new weather event is blamed for global warming. Recent hurricanes,

tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions – you name it – are the result of global warming. Consequently, the US Supreme

The court in 2007 [Justice Stevens, “Massachusetts v EPA,” US Supreme Court, No. 05-1120, 2 April 2007, Court

opinion; And Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Scalia, “Massachusetts v EPA,” US Supreme Court, no. 05-1120, 2

April 2007, dissenting views], declared carbon dioxide as a polluting gas regulated by the EPA.

Global Climate Change the Bible-Science

Global Climate Change the Bible  Science
Global Climate Change the Bible Science

This summer, however, we learned that the former director of the Climate Research Unit of the University of East

Anglia (who started the entire global warming band Wagon) has admitted that there has been no “statistically

significant” global warming for the past 15 years (since 1995-2010) [Petre, Jonathan, UK Daily Mail: “Climategate U-

turn acknowledges as a scientist at Row of Center: No global warming since 1995,” 11 August 2010]. In light of this

revelation, all the terrible calls for corrective action and immediate action taken by our Supreme Court appear premature.

This book marks the author’s entry into the global warming debate. As a Christian, the author’s first question is:

What does the Bible say about global warming? It is his own inclination to answer that there is nothing to say about

Global Climate Change the Bible-Science

this matter. However, he started a study to find out what the Bible says about it.  In addition to saying that God

created the heavens and the earth, the Bible teaches that He handles the day-to-day affairs of the earth, “by Him all

things are,” and finally God controls the wind and the wind. This last point has a direct impact on global warming

issues. Wind and rain control is the same to control all storm systems and sunny days and more specifically, weather

and climate! The three chapters in the book cover these three topics.

The author devotes a chapter to considering the process control systems required for those trying to create computer

models of climate change. Earth’s climate systems appear to be self-regulating. We do not need to understand the

Global Climate Change the Bible-Science

details of self-control systems for them to work properly. They do it all themselves – hence the name. To model self-

regulatory systems on a computer, however, we need to know the exact details and interactions between their

various phenomena. We cannot model the atmosphere or the atmosphere without understanding how all

phenomena interact. To create a valid computer model, we must duplicate the interrelationships between

the various phenomena that work naturally in the real world. Sunlight, cloud cover, temperatures, winds, water

vapor, and water resources should all be taken into account and modelers should simulate exactly how they all

interact. Process control engineers must set appropriate gain values in their controllers for proper automatic system

controls. There is no need to recognize any benefits when the system is self-regulating. It is simple and automatic,

Global Climate Change the Bible-Science

takes care of and controls itself. But models must accurately assess all the benefits of controlling interactions

between weather variables in their simulation models.

The author devotes another chapter to the study of computer models. As a computer model, the author is aware of

the various pitfalls that hinder the development of successful models. Computer models are simple representations

of a real phenomenon. Sometimes, they are too simple. Sometimes the math required is complex and large complex

computer programs and long computing times define a model. Sometimes the required math is beyond the

capabilities of the modelers so some desired phenomena cannot be included in the model. Sometimes,

Global Climate Change the Bible-Science

misconceptions occur when trying to understand and model a complex phenomenon. Models sometimes do not

realize that they are important because important phenomena are missed in the computer model. Etc. All kinds of

pitfalls can hinder the success of computer models.

Part of the author’s teaching responsibilities includes teaching industrial fuels and combustion systems, along with

teaching process control courses. His first job in the industry was as a combustion engineer, and for over twenty

years he taught engineering students and graduate process engineers how to control industrial fuels and burners, as

well as perform all the necessary calculations. For example, the author spent a lot of time teaching students how to

calculate air and flue gas composition.

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