17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child

17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child

17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child
17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child

17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child Succeed

Ever since they were little, you’ve been watching your child try to make their way in the world. You know what it

takes to succeed in life, but sometimes they seem to be doing everything wrong. They’re not taking care of

themselves, they’re being lazy about the school, and they don’t have any friends that are good for them.

They just need some guidance—that’s why these 17 spiritual ways will help! With these ideas, your child can find out

who they are and what gives them purpose in life.

1. Show them the power of prayer

First and foremost, prayer is what can help your child find out who they really are—as well as their true life purpose.

Pray with them and for them so that they can begin to see things from a spiritual perspective. This will help them

17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child Succeed

learn who they are and start working on becoming the person that God wants them to be.

2. Give them a copy of the Bible

While it may seem like your child doesn’t need to read the Bible, they do! Show them how God has affected their lives

and what He’s done for others. Show them how this fits with what they’re going through. Show them how reading the

Bible will help them get over whatever is bothering them and that it will improve their daily life.

3. Let them know about Jesus

There’s so much to know about Jesus Christ. He was a man, but He was also God in the flesh. He died for your sins,

and what this means for your own life is that you have a purpose. Your purpose is to follow Him and to serve Him in

this world. By sharing all of these things with your child, you’ll be helping them understand the true meaning of the


17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child Succeed

17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child
17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child

4. Keep pointing out their weaknesses

Take the time to point out your child’s weaknesses. If you let them know of their weaknesses, they’ll have a better

idea of who they are and what God will be doing for them through the journey.

5. Talk with them about their fears

Talk with your child about what they’re afraid of. If it’s not something that they can see happening, then let them

know that it doesn’t exist. Give them some spiritual tools to help combat their fears. The more they’re aware of

what’s spiritually happening within their own soul, the more confident they’ll feel that God is watching over them.

6. Show them that you trust them

Trust your child to make the right decisions. If there’s something they want to do, don’t hold back on letting them

17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child Succeed

know that you trust their decisions. This will help them become more confident and will give them a sense of

encouragement that they can achieve their goals.

7. Encourage them to meet new people

If your child is struggling with making friends, bring them around new people. This will help them develop the skills

necessary to make new friends and build a support system for themselves. If you’re not able to do this, consider

moving your child into a different school where there’s a lot of different types of people.

8. Show them what’s important

Help them begin to understand what’s really important. Tell them that they’re special and that they’re loved. Let

them know that God has created them for a purpose, and that purpose comes from Him. Show them that their life is

17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child Succeed

significant because of who they are, not because of what they do.

9. Be honest with your child

Be honest about anything you can see happening in your child’s life. If you’re concerned with their behavior or if you

can see they’re making some bad decisions, let them know that. Give them the reasons why they should follow God’s

will for their life, instead of their own.

10. Point out their successes

Look at all of the things your child has achieved in their life so far. Point out how great it is that they’ve overcome so

many obstacles. Remind them that God is giving them everything they need to have a successful life.

17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child Succeed

11. Teach them the importance of friendship

Look at your child’s friendships. If there are negative elements in their friends, encourage your child to stay away

from them. Your child needs to learn how to be around people who are positive and supportive so that

they can have a better idea of who they are as a person.

12. Let them know that they’re loved

Let your child know that they’re loved by you. Tell them every day that you love them, and spread this love to all of

their friends as well. Remind them that they’re perfect just the way they are, whether it be good or bad. God made

them the way they are for a reason, and if there’s something wrong with them, then their friends can help bring them

back to the right path.

17 Spiritual Ways to Help Your Child Succeed

of their responsibilities. This will teach them how to be responsible for themselves and how to make the right decisions in life.

14. Encourage them to do good for others

Encourage your child to do good for others, especially those who are less fortunate than they are. Focus on teaching

them to give and help others, because it will help them understand who they really are and what God has planned for

their life.

15. Talk to your child about what they’re feeling

Talk with your child about how they feel. Don’t just ask them what’s bothering them—talk with them about how

they’re feeling. Help your child feel comfortable talking to you about their feelings so that they’ll open up to you more easily.

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