Wrinkles – How They Form and How Erase

How They Form and How Erase

Wrinkles – How They Form and How to Erase Them

Everyone gets wrinkles. Some people have a few, while some people have a lot. No matter how many you have, the

key to eliminating them is understanding what causes wrinkles in the first place and what you can do to reverse their effects.

The way that your skin sags is dependent on the density of natural oils beneath your epidermis (the outer layer),

the elasticity of your skin, and the formation of lines that are not only created by age but also by repeated facial expressions like squinting.

The two most important factors that determine how many—and how deep—wrinkles you have are your genes and the

number of years you have been living. Ever since scientists discovered that cells age as they divide, everyone believed

that chronological age was directly proportional to how wrinkly skin became. But new studies on mice show a

Wrinkles – How They Form and How to Erase Them

different outcome. They discovered that cells age daily, no matter if it’s the first day of your life or the last day on earth.

Your genes also affect how many wrinkles you get. A person’s connection to their face is determined by their DNA,

which tells the body how to grow, develop, and function. This means that you may have a genetic tendency for just a

few wrinkles or for lots of them, and no amount of creams, lotions, and pills will change that.

Wrinkles can appear anywhere on your face: on your forehead, around your eyes, on your nose, and on your cheeks.

The most famous lines on the face are crow’s feet, forehead lines, and smile lines. You can prevent them with proper

rest, facial exercises, and regular skin cleansing. And don’t use chemical bleaches on your face, which can damage it.

Fortunately, wrinkles can easily be eliminated. One way is with injectable fillers that use chemical compounds to

smooth out wrinkles. However, they are expensive and not always effective.

Wrinkles – How They Form and How to Erase Them

The best way to treat wrinkles is with a treatment called dermabrasion. This process uses a high-speed rotating

brush to buff the skin and remove the top layer of skin cells. Afterward, it’s applied with antibiotic ointment and then bandaged for healing.

Another choice is laser wrinkle reduction, which involves a laser that heats and vaporizes your skin, making it

smooth and new again. This also can be used on spots on your face.

If you want to live longer and look great for it, you may want to up your exercise routine by trying skin-penetrating

exercises, which work by stimulating your muscles. They are particularly successful in fighting wrinkles around the

eyes or around the forehead.

And if all else fails, consider wrinkles to be the price of beauty. First, look great naked—and second, you can always

take some time off from working to relax instead.

Wrinkles – How They Form and How to Erase Them

More on how to remove wrinkles, under the Cut

While there’s no way to avoid getting wrinkles, there are some easy tricks for making them less noticeable. Here are some of the best at-home methods.

Eat right Wrinkles can be caused by a bad diet, so try following a balanced diet filled with fruits and vegetables.

There’s also some evidence that high levels of bilirubin in your blood could cause wrinkles, so go easy on red meat.

And try getting at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily to avoid developing them.

Don’t smoke

If you want to live longer and look great for it, you may want to up your exercise routine by trying skin-

penetrating exercises, which work by stimulating your muscles.


Wrinkles – How They Form and How to Erase Them

How They Form and How Erase
How They Form and How Erase


Better yet, if you want to make wrinkles less obvious, go for a rigorous workout like yoga or Pilates.

Both these exercise routines increase circulation and oxygenation in the body, making the skin look healthier.

Moisturize If the skin around your eyes is extra dry, try using a moisturizer with aloe vera. It’ll help soothe and soften the skin.

CleanseEven if you don’t wear much makeup, it’s still important to cleanse your skin every day. This helps to get rid

of dirt and oil that could potentially clog pores and lead to wrinkles.

Wear sunscreen


Wrinkles – How They Form and How to Erase Them

If you want to avoid developing those dreaded crow’s feet lines, make sure you always use a sunscreen with SPF 15 or

higher. And remember to reapply it every two hours.

Get a good pillow

Avoid getting a pillow that is too high. It will keep your head from being properly aligned with your shoulders, which

can lead to unwanted wrinkles around your eyes and forehead. Keeping the head elevated will also help reduce the

appearance of crow’s feet and forehead lines.

Sleep on your side

Sleeping on your back may actually worsen the appearance of lines because the skin of your face stretches when

you’re in that position, causing it to sag. Sleeping on your side will not only alleviate that problem but also help you

sleep more soundly, since the pressure on the spine is less when you’re in this position.

Wrinkles – How They Form and How to Erase Them

How They Form and How Erase
How They Form and How Erase

Compliment yourself

It’s not enough to just get rid of wrinkles; you should try to make them look better.

Your best bet is to try to get rid of the lines around your eyes. Teeth help prevent sagging, too.

If you’re serious about making better use of your time, invest in some teeth whitening strips that’ll give you an

immediate result.

How beauty products are made

The FDA says all cosmetics sold in the U.S.—including makeup—must list ingredients on the label.

But it’s not always clear what’s in the stuff you buy at stores.

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