How to Plan – Prepare Travel Comfortably

Prepare Travel Comfortably

How to Plan – Prepare Travel Comfortably

How to Plan - Prepare Travel Comfortably
How to Plan – Prepare Travel Comfortably

How to Plan – Prepare and Travel Comfortably With Your Pets

Most people love traveling with their pets. Whether it is for pleasure, business, or required by law, traveling can be an

enjoyable experience for both humans and their animals. However, if you are planning on taking your pets on a trip

with you that requires packing (for example – flying), then this post will provide some great tips to help plan the

process without worrying about the dog running away or getting lost!

Take your animal’s age, size, and breed into account when planning for this important trip.

If you know you will be traveling by plane, check with your airline to see if a crate is allowed on the flight. If not,

there are some other alternatives for traveling with your pet.

How to Plan – Prepare and Travel Comfortably With Your Pets

There are many other carriers who offer pet transportation services as part of their business plan, including:

1) Certain airlines offer the option to travel with your animal in a carrier or kennel provided by the airline.

2) If your pet is small, it can be transported in a carrier onboard the aircraft. In these cases, they must be able to

fit beneath the seat in front of you or be able to sit on your lap/in your arms for the duration of the flight. Larger

animals will need a crate that they can freely move around in.

3) Some airlines allow pets to travel in cargo spaces, usually located in the belly of the airplane between the inner

and outer hulls. This is a safe and secure way to travel for animals, but if you have a dog, it can be a bit loud and

How to Plan – Prepare and Travel Comfortably With Your Pets

scary. Some dogs do not mind the commotion while some will bark uncontrollably during the entire flight. Check

with your airline to see if this service is available on your flight.

4) Most airlines allow pets in an approved kennel to travel onboard the aircraft in the passenger cabin. Each airline

has its own regulations regarding the size, weight, and amenities of these kennels.

5) Pet owners can also travel by train or bus if they are traveling with their pets, but it is usually necessary to have

your companion animal on a leash as local laws require that all animals be under the control of their owner at all

times. In some countries, it is even illegal for any pets to be outside of the owner’s immediate control of public


Prepare Travel Comfortably

Prepare Travel Comfortably
Prepare Travel Comfortably

The following are a few guidelines for travel with your dog, cat, or other companion animals:

1) Make sure that your pet has been properly vaccinated before embarking on a trip. There is no need to rush to the

vet when you hear that your friend’s dog has been sick, there is ample time before leaving to catch up on all necessary

vaccinations and well as preventative medicine.

2) Check with your local customs office/veterinarian about any vaccinations required for traveling abroad. In many

cases, a rabies vaccination certificate is required before entering a foreign country. Some South American countries

require a “vaccination against the fungus” for any animal that flies in from abroad.

veterinarian at your home airport.

How to Plan – Prepare and Travel Comfortably With Your Pets

3) Check the transportation restrictions of the city you are visiting. Some foreign cities have laws that ban pets

from hotels or public places. In some cities, it is even illegal to have your dog on a leash when walking through the city streets.

4) When traveling by car, always keep your pet safely restrained in a security harness placed in the back seat. Your

This is especially important if you are flying long distances, as there are time changes that can affect your pet’s

health. It is also wise to locate any medical facilities which are located near the final destination.

arrival at its final destination. Make sure that you have all of the correct certificates for this process, including any

vaccinations needed.

Pet travel insurance is available for all pets, including dogs, cats, horses, and rabbits.

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