Steps on Becoming a Book Reviewer

Steps on Becoming a Book Reviewer

Steps on Becoming a Book Reviewer
Steps on Becoming a Book Reviewer

There are many ways to get paid for reading books, but if you want to be a book reviewer then you will need to keep

in mind how the review process works.

This article will explain these processes in detail.

Steps on Becoming a Book Reviewer

1. Understand that even though many publishing companies pay their book reviewers, there is no guarantee they will

publish your review if it is not favorable. It is also best if you maintain your objectivity while reading the book and

reviewing it at the same time.

2. To become a book reviewer, you must have a passion for reading. You need to know the genre of books

that you will be reviewing. You can look at your local library or bookstore for ideas on what kind of book to review.

3. If you plan on writing reviews for books online, then you need to keep in mind that many of the popular review

sites have strict guidelines as well as a system for accepting reviews from people.

4. Once you write the review, show it to your family and friends for feedback. Ask them if they think you should send

it in or if they think you could improve it before submitting it to the review site.+

Steps on Becoming a Book Reviewer

5. Once your review is posted online, be prepared for anybody to leave comments on your review site. It’s good

practice to not let other people’s comments affect the way you felt about a book and remain professional at all times.

6. If you want to become a book reviewer, then start looking for opportunities to read books. If you’re not sure about

your ability to review books, then try starting by reviewing children’s books, since these are generally shorter than


Steps on Becoming a Book Reviewer

7. Once you’ve posted your first review online, then it’s time to start networking with other book reviewers online

and offline. You can network through meet-up groups or even on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

8. If you ever want to become a book reviewer for a major publishing company, then you need to participate in

contests and events put on by publishing companies. They will generally accept submissions from people who have

been noticed online or in print media.

9. You can get paid for book reviewing once you reach a certain level of popularity as a book reviewer. The higher up

you go in the reviewing chain, the more money you can make.

10. If you have any questions or comments about the book reviewer process, email us.

Steps on Becoming a Book Reviewer

What are book review services? Book review services are paid to write reviews of books. There is on average 15-20%

of royalties on eBooks and on average 25-30% of royalties on print books due to reduced distribution costs and such.

Many places do not publish reviews of eBooks or print books as they are typically not selling as well as a book.

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