Christmas day

Christmas day is the day when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who they believe is their Savior.

Christmas Day follows Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It’s celebrated on December 25th every year.

Christmas is one of the best festive periods in Western culture, with plenty of time for celebrations and exchanging

gifts with friends and family. The date can depend on when each country celebrates it; it varies between different

countries in the world.


The story goes that many wise men (or kings) traveled across deserts to find Jesus, bearing gifts for him. It was said

that the star of Bethlehem led them to Jesus, so they followed it. But when they reached him, he was an infant, lying

in a manger surrounded by cows.

Christmas day

There are many different theories about the date of Jesus’ birthday. One theory says that December 25 is one of the

most likely days because it is nine months after March 25 which is the Spring Equinox (vernal equinox). This is when

day and night are equal in length; this festivals lasts for 24 hours. The winter solstice (December 21) had less

significance at the time because it’s associated with crop failures, disease and death.


It also coincides with the end of the Celtic calendar, which was based on the solar year. It lasted about 11 days shorter

than the solar year, making it seem that December 25 was one day too late. But many other theories have been

proposed over the years, including a date in August or sometime in March. Over time, Christmas Day has become

more important to Christians and thus they celebrate it more sincerely each year.


Today, Christmas celebrations are mostly about giving gifts to friends and family so they could have fun during this

special day. Different countries have different traditions regarding what’s considered to be “gifts.” Some people give

money while others give clothes or food.


Whatever the tradition, it’s usually good to give something to others on this day. This is so you could show how much

you care about them and that they are important to you. After Christmas, most people visit their family members for

Christmas dinner. Other people go out with friends or family members to have fun during this day. It’s an annual

celebration that everyone looks forward to each year, with plenty of time for fun and relaxation with friends and


Christmas day

This is the celebration where many people go

to midnight mass and exchange gifts.

Boxing Day: It’s a British tradition where families and friends gather at pubs and restaurants to celebrate the day

after Christmas.

Christmas day

– July 25: This is another British tradition which takes place on July 25. Hundreds of people come together at Six

Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, USA for this event. They do fun activities such as bungee jumping, zip lining

and roller coasters. This also happens to be a popular place where couples get engaged, since it’s near all the rides.

– Christmas in July: This is an American tradition where people gather on July 25 to celebrate Christmas with food,

drinks, games and fireworks.


– Santa Claus: He’s the most popular character in America who delivers gifts to everyone on Christmas Day. His job

is to make children happy on this day because that’s what they wish for the most. Santa Claus wears a red coat and

has white hair and a long white beard; he also rides in his sleigh pulled by reindeer. He lives at the North Pole; he has

elves working for him, making toys for all children around the world.

– Gift giving: On Christmas Day, most people like getting gifts from people they love or care about. You can give

money, clothes or even food to other people on this day. Gift giving is one tradition that’s common in all countries

across the world.

Christmas day

– Christmas brunch: People usually go out for breakfast or lunch with their family and friends during this day. It’s a

simple way to celebrate Christmas while enjoying quality time with them.

– Present opening: Most people open their gifts on Christmas Day morning. They keep them under the tree at night

so they can be surprised in the morning when they open them up.

– Shopping: Every year, people go out to the malls to shop for presents. People can give presents to their family or

friends on this day.

There are many parts of the world that celebrate Christmas in different ways. The most common traditions include

gift giving, Christmas dinner and Christmas parties.

Christmas day

Christmas is based on the story of Jesus Christ who visited this world as a baby born in Bethlehem, Iraq.

The actual date of his birthday was not known but many people believe it

was on 25th December every year. They also believe that the star led three Wise Men

to find him at his birth place. They visited him to give gifts to him.

The gift giving tradition is celebrated in many parts of the world.

People use different gift giving techniques for this day to show their love and appreciation

towards their loved ones. There are

also online gift card websites where you can get free gift cards for it so you could buy your loved ones gift

cards before purchasing the gifts. This event is followed by  brunch. It is considered a

very important part of Christmas because it brings families closer together to have fun and enjoy quality time with

each other. It is a day of celebration and sharing of love and care.

Christmas day

for family gatherings and gift giving to, from, cousins, friends and co-workers.

wonderful time of the year because people get together with their families to enjoy a special meal, exchange gifts and

play games. It helps us connect with our loved ones during this special season.

Christmas Day reminds everyone of how grateful we should be for what we have in our lives.

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