Clear the Air Please!

Clear the Air Please!

Clear the Air Please!
Clear the Air Please!

Clear the Air, Please!

A new public health hazard is going on in malls, live vendor shows, markets, workplaces, and in a variety of public

places where children are present. What is this practice? Persons encouraged by their up-lines to spew fragrance

particulates into the air infiltrating those in close proximity, without their permission. I have asked those partaking

in fragrance spewing, not to spew fragrances through a plugged-in device. I asked them to keep a lid on their

products. They become defensive and state that they are spewing it anyway. I have noticed that many craft shows

and flea markets are now prohibiting this practice due to complaints.

Clear the Air, Please!

My last asthma medicine cost sixty-one dollars for an emergency inhaler that I need to use after being exposed to

fragrance being spewed from devices that put particulates into the air. I believe since they contribute to asthma, they

should contribute to the cost of my medicine.

I have been doing oils for years, somewhere around 17 years and do not have reactions. I don’t, nor would I ever

suggest that anyone spew fragrance particulates into the air. During many live shows I have found it necessary to

move from my table to keep asthma attacks from happening. I have brought this to the perpetrators attention more

than once. Young children start coughing walking by their table. Shoppers complain about the smell and still they

persist. Managers of the events have been notified but their particulate spewing actions persist.

One would think with the decline of shoppers using on-line shopping as opposed to a live visit to a retail store that all

stores, events, and malls would want to do everything possible to make it comfortable for all shoppers to visit. Maybe

they don’t care.

Clear the Air, Please!

Clear the Air Please!
Clear the Air Please!

Is it any wonder why fragrance allergies are on the rise? Fragrance overuse is causing the last straw incidence to push

sensitive people over the edge of healthy breathing. Some people develop hives with exposure. Some people develop

headaches with exposure, while others develop sneezing, dizzy feeling, becoming sick to their stomach, and watering

eyes. Misting fragrance particulates in to the air creates the atmosphere (literally) of a toxic brew to those with

weakened immune systems, respiratory problems and allergies.

I have a problem with the “Fragrance Spewing Personnel” telling the general public their products cure everything

from A – Z. This is scientifically hog-wash. According to the article “House of Cards: The Toxic Combination of

Essential Oils and Multi-Level Marketing”: very few distributors of MLM’s see any money. The author states MLM

companies can also charge prices that would never be sustainable in the open-market. According to the author, for

example, one company sells 2 bottles of berry juice for nearly $ 100. Say What?

Clear the Air, Please!

Now I know why I hear them telling shoppers if the product is not at least $ 25.00 it is not a good product. I sell

perfume oil for $ 5.00 and going forward the essential oils I sell are now $ 10.00 due to the laboratory price increase.

The old adage holds true: If there is a demand, the price will be increased for higher profits while the demand


Clear the Air, Please! From WEBMD: Fragrance Allergies: A Sensory Assult

The use of fragrance in products is on the rise – and so is the number of people affected by them. WebMD offers ways

to protect yourself if you’re sensitive to scents

By Colette Bouchez

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

You catch a whiff of a co-worker’s new fragrance, and within minutes, you have a whopper of a headache.

You pop open that new bottle of dish-washing liquid, and by the time you’ve washed the pots and pans, your hands

and arms are covered in hives.

Clear the Air, Please!

You walk into a friend’s home and smell freshly baked pumpkin pie. Only after you start sneezing uncontrollably and

feeling dizzy, weak, and sick to your stomach do you learn she hasn’t been baking – she’s been burning a scented


Your favorite fashion magazine arrives, and as soon as it’s out of the mailbox your eyes are watering and you’re

sneezing nonstop. The culprit: scented fragrance advertising inserts.

If this sounds like you, you may be one of a growing number of people with fragrance allergies or sensitivities that

can have mild to severe health consequences.

Clear the Air, Please!

“Scent sells. So not only are there definitely more fragranced products in the world, the fragrances themselves are

also more complex. And for many people, repeated exposures can bring about a constellation of symptoms,” says

Tracie DeFreitas Saab, MS, a human factors consultant with the Job Accommodation Network at West Virginia

University. DeFreitas frequently works with employers and employees on work environmental issues.

Those symptoms, she tells WebMD, can range from classic “allergic” reactions, such as sneezing, runny nose, and

watery eyes; to headaches, inability to concentrate, and dizziness; to respiratory issues, such as breathing difficulties

and wheezing; to skin reactions, such as

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