Attending Staffing Conferences This Fall? Get the Most

Get the Most

Attending Staffing Conferences This Fall? Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Get the Most
Get the Most

It’s that time of year again when the company is getting ready to attend all the major fall staff conferences!

With the conference taking place in a virtual environment last year, there is more expectation to finally return to the

event in person this year. Whether you are attending one of the national conferences or a local conference, taking

advantage of that conference is important. You don’t want to spend time and money attending a conference if you

don’t receive a lot of feedback in return. So how do you make the most of your fall conference? Below is a checklist of

ways you can prepare, things to do during the show, and follow-up items after the show, to help you get the biggest

return on your investment!

Research Presenters and Sessions Ahead of Time

Attending Staffing Conferences This Fall? Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Get the Most
Get the Most

Before you arrive at the conference, view the sessions in advance and select the sessions you want to attend if

multiple are held at the same time. You don’t want to get into a session that is irrelevant or worthless to you after

spending money to attend it. Attend sessions that you will fully benefit from. Check to see if there is a conference app

to down load as well. The conference app will usually show schedules, exhibitors, maps, etc. Sometimes there are also

options to network and connect with other participants within the app itself!

Break and order

If you plan to attend a conference with other colleagues, plan to divide and conquer the schedule. You will fully

benefit from the conference if you split up and attend different sessions. You can then reconvene after the session

and as soon as you arrive back in the office to educate each other about what was discussed.

Attending Staffing Conferences This Fall? Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Make an Appointment Ahead of Time

Conferences are a great time to connect with other staff professionals you know in the industry. If there are a few

contacts you’d like to contact, call them in advance and see if you can schedule a time during the break or after the

day’s agenda to get a drink or dinner. This will help you manage your schedule so that you make the most of your time.

Also, if there are any exhibitors you would like to visit, try to also schedule an appointment with them in advance.

Conferences are a great time to talk to vendors in the industry. If you have an appointment in advance, they will be

able to tailor your meeting with your company and be more willing to meet with you, than if you just stop by. Some

vendors will show you a demonstration at the conference if you want to see a demo of their product. By the end of

your meeting, you will hopefully have a good understanding of whether they are a company you would like to see further to

work with!

Attending Staffing Conferences This Fall? Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Disconnect from Office

Although difficult, try disconnecting from your email and phone during the session. You can take any time it takes to

reply to emails and make calls during your break. If you perform multiple tasks throughout the session, it is difficult

to pay attention to and retain the information discussed. There is almost no point in attending if time is not spent focusing on the presentation.

To avoid interruptions, simply turn off your phone or plug it in silently. Also, remember to put you out of the office

by stating you will not be available. That way anyone who tries to contact you, will know you won’t be able to reply

right away.

Take note

Attending Staffing Conferences This Fall? Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Get the Most
Get the Most

It’s easy to sit and listen in each session, but remember to take notes as well. By the end of the next session, you will

not remember what you learned in the last session. Take notes all the time so you remember the important things

that have been made. If it helps, at the end of each session you can also record your top three takeaways.

As food for thought, statistics show that taking notes by hand is more effective than taking notes via a computer or

tablet. You can better retain information and remember it. This is probably something worth considering!

It will also help you avoid being distracted by incoming emails and messages.

Connect with Speakers

If there is a prominent speaker or perhaps someone worth contacting, introduce yourself after the session and get

their business card. After the conference, you can then connect with them on LinkedIn and stay in communication.

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