5 Diet Myths Exposed: Start Losing Weight the Healthy

Start Losing Weight the Healthy

5 Diet Myths Exposed: Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way!

This can be years of finally gaining extra pounds, achieving a strong, lean body, and giving your health a huge boost with a commitment to eating intelligently.

But in order to reach your healthy weight and maintain it, you will have to move away from many dietary genetic

fields. So there are a lot of dietary myths and faddish ideas out there, you can easily indulge in sabotaging the effects

of your weight loss and your health, without even realizing it.

58% of consumers are trying to lose weight to improve either their appearance, health, or both, according

to the Natural Marketing & Wellness database.

Myth # 1: You have to go to a restaurant to lose weight.

5 Diet Myths Exposed: Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way!

FACT: Most foods do not work. Instead of these new fashionable weight loss programs, you should develop healthy,

fat-burning habits and make them part of your daily life.


Atkins, Local, Ornish … How do they stack up? A recent study just followed the results of weight loss of obese people

who followed popular diet plans for a year. In order to achieve a healthy body mass index (BMI), most subjects need

to lose 41.8 lbs. At the end of 12 months, those on low-carb Atkins lost 10.4 lbs; Locally balanced carbs lose 3.5 lbs; and

5 Diet Myths Exposed: Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way!

Ornish low-fat dieters lose 4.9 lbs. With all three diets, most participants started as clinical obesity si and ended up

as clinical obesity, with only moderate weight loss to account for their long-term dietary activities. On all three

diets, subjects experienced most of their weight loss in the first two to six months and then began to regain most

of the pounds they lost.


It is easy to get discouraged by eating while trying new habits… and fail. The best way to achieve lasting weight loss is

to incorporate thought, diet, and pleasure changes into your lifestyle that can last a lot of time.


5 Diet Myths Exposed: Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way!

Consumers used many lifestyle changes to help manage their weight over the past year.

Myth # 2: Dietary supplements are a great help for weight loss

FACT: Most “low-fat” foods are incredibly high in sugar – and calories. That is because manufacturers often add

sugar to compensate for the reduced flavor and as a result it eliminates fat.

5 Diet Myths Exposed: Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way!


Sneaky Sugar Secrets: Sugar by any other name is still sugar. Your “food” diet may contain sugars added in various

forms that you may not recognize. Here are some names to be found on the list of ingredients: brown sugar, sweet

corn, corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, fruit juice concentrations, glucose, high-fructose syrup, lactose, maltose, malt

syrup, molasses, sucrose, syrup.

So what is a conscientious dieter to do? As always, the hosts of the bulge are located in the arena of calories. Be

careful to check food labels for total calorie content … especially when they are labeled “food” or “low fat.”


5 Diet Myths Exposed: Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way!

Great Cookie Cookie: Let’s compare the calories of a regular chocolate chip cookie and a reduced chocolate chip

cookie. A normal cookie contains 3 grams of fat and 49 calories; reduced-fat cookies in 2 grams of fat and 45 calories.

The 4-calorie difference will not get you into that bikini by the heat!
On the other hand, some low-fat diets can significantly reduce your calorie intake. Do you not want to leave out the

cheddar cheese? One ounce of regular cheddar cheese contains 6 grams of fat and 114 calories; a small portion of the

same fat at 1.2 grams of fat and a surprising 49 calories!

NEWS When the goal of weight loss is to improve their health, consumers seem to eat a more balanced diet (for

example low sugar, fewer carbs, etc.). Over the past year, consumers have limited their sugar, carbohydrate, and fat

intake more often than they used dietary supplements/products to help control their weight.

5 Diet Myths Exposed: Start Losing Weight the Healthy Way!

Myth # 3: You have to starve yourself to lose weight.

FACT: Yes, you have to limit your calories to shed pounds, but there is no need to starve. You can cleverly choose

foods that fill you up, not out – and let you be satisfied and stoked with energy all day long. What is the best bet for

filling meals? Strong fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Most Americans consume only half of the

recommended daily intake of 25 to 30 grams of dietary fiber, putting them at risk for obesity and a host of serious

health problems.

• 46% of consumers choose to eat fatty foods as part of their weight control program.10

• Consumers who eat fewer carbohydrates to lose weight are also skinny.

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