The Secret to Happy Life

The Secret to Happy Life

The Secret to Happy Life
The Secret to Happy Life

The Secret to Happy Life

Here is a list of 15 essential steps a person can strive for in order to be happy:

1. HEALTH – First and foremost GOOD HEALTH. So take care of Physical and Mental Health problems.

If you do not have good health you cannot be happy. Any illness, no matter how minor, will rob you of your joy and

make it harder for you to be happy. While it may not always be possible to “cure” everything, take care of your

physical and emotional needs in the best possible way. Some people allow themselves to be in constant pain, or to

fight depression. Take steps to deal with it. It will change your whole world feeling.

2. HEALTHY BANK BALANCE – Money can’t buy happiness is real and every millionaire is unhappy. However,

poverty is oppressive; and if you can afford the basics – it will take a lot of that stress out of your life. You do not have

to be rich, but some financial luxury will prevent you from worrying about the basics of everyday life. It does not

The Secret to Happy Life

need to reach millions, but it should be enough to provide for the comfort of the creatures and something you can set

aside for leisure, such as eating outdoors, photography, hiking, or vacationing on the hills or by the sea. So have a

little money in the bank. Lack of funds can be debilitating. Living on debt or borrowing is degrading and demeaning.

3. YOUR HOME COME IN – Rented buildings will never give you the luxury of a nest that you own to get the

amenities the home provides; if it has space in the garden, it is better. Plant your own trees and flowers, see them

grow and blossom, develop a sense of belonging. “God is not found on the mountains. He lives in comfortable houses

and in you.”

4. UNDERSTANDING FRIEND – It could be your spouse or friend. If there is too much misunderstanding, it will rob

you of peace of mind. Don’t focus on who you are marrying. Marriage is the biggest decision you can make, so choose

The Secret to Happy Life

and Marrying the right person. Do not rush because you think it is “time” or you feel “pressure.” Marry someone you are

happy with, that makes you feel amazing, and who is good to you until his or her last death. Don’t give up or settle for

less – it makes up the bulk of your daily routine … why not make it look good! Better a poor horse than no horse at

all. Choose your friends and people around you carefully – they will have an impact on your mind and soul.

5. NOT JEALOUSY – Stop comparing yourself to those who have done better than you in life; he rose to prominence,

made more money, or gained more fame. Jealousy can be very rotten; avoid comparing yourself with others. You will

be empty and bitter. Because there will always be people bigger and younger than you. Happiness on your skin is one

of the great keys to happiness. Much of the unhappiness comes from people who believe they are “small” because of

the pictures they see or the messages they post. You would be very happy to do everything for yourself.

The Secret to Happy Life

6. GOOD FOR NO DAYS – Part of living a happy life, realizing that you will not be happy 24/7, and going well with it.

You will have moments of sorrow, moments of anger, moments of depression or anxiety … and that is fine. Accepting

that you are a person with a variety of emotions, and seeing every day as a new day, is part of what makes you happy.

Accepting that you are just a person and not hard on yourself is great. “Life is not a burger king. You can’t stay your

way.” “Life is a cycle of happiness, sadness, hard times, and good times. When you face difficult times have faith that

good times are on the way. When the goal is high, the struggles increase.”

7. DON’T ALLOW OTHER PEOPLE – they come down to you with gossip and slander about others. When you take

them out, you will feel tired and poisoned by their gossip. Always remember: “Wise people talk about ideas. People

in the middle talk about things. Little ones talk about other people. And fools argue.”

The Secret to Happy Life

8. CULTIVATE SOME OF YOUR LOVING THINGS – which can bring you a sense of satisfaction, such as gardening,

reading, writing, drawing, playing, or listening to music. Do the many things you love! This sounds silly, but there are

people who say they love to paint, but have never done it in 10 years! Why? Life is so hectic that the first things we

cut out are sometimes hobbies – we don’t see them as “important” or “important,” but they are just when we talk

about happiness. Give yourself time for the things you really enjoy – it makes life more enjoyable. Going to clubs

or parties for free drinks or meeting celebrities is temporary and time-wasting.

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