Walking Alone in the Rain

Walking Alone in the Rain

Walking Alone in the Rain

Walking Alone in the Rain
Walking Alone in the Rain

They say the idea comes in times of loneliness or solitude. People wrote many books while being jailed by their male

friends. which regretted the inspiration they had received from their enemies even when they were incarcerated. civil

rights have written many important letters

It’s not that I suggest going to jail for a way of thinking. There are less punishing places to find inspiration. A place to

escape from noise, smoke, dust, and smells. A place for quiet moments to think, rethink, or hope for new ideas. Pop

up in your mind like a small corn sway.

“Just find a quiet, lonely place,” they say, “and thoughts will jump into your brain.”

Walking Alone in the Rain

Walking Alone in the Rain
Walking Alone in the Rain

This doesn’t mean that a person has no idea when everyone is in their case and the situation around them explodes

with their parents yelling at each other. Their wives asked them to wait a little longer for the egusi/melon soup to

cook properly. Their children did not do as they were told. their boss is unreasonable Money dries up like the rain on

Harmattan’s day and people don’t give them the respect they deserve.

We can still come up with ideas in those scary situations. However, the problem is under such circumstances.

Thoughts will come out in a mess. It’s like moist soil where hens use their claws to find a worm. which she hoped to

feed five hungry chicks.

Walking Alone in the Rain

So there’s no arguing that being in a quiet place It’s the best way to imagine new ideas. and new methods in

achieving dreams No matter how hard it was in the past

However, finding a nest suitable for loneliness becomes very difficult. We might have to think hard, research hard,

maybe drive a long distance. to find a quiet place suitable for a moment of contemplation.

But since I’ve been thinking about walking like this for months, or maybe many years So I had an idea of ​​where to

find solitude. How free would you be to walk alone! The place that comes to my mind is a community park in

Monroe. Connecticut which is called Wolf Park It is an area full of tall trees surrounding a lake the size of a football field.

Walking Alone in the Rain

When one of my brothers came from Nigeria and I took him to the park. He noted how similar Lake Wolfe Park is to

Lake Nwangele in Onitsha, Nigeria. when I was a child We have visited Nwangele and from afar. And for no

particular reason, we were young. restless and cannot be controlled Throw stones at a few toads and frogs that raise

their heads above the water. I remember how fast those frogs were and how they dived into the water as the rocks got

out of our palms.

Don’t feel abandoned if you don’t know Onitsha or Lake Nwangele. It doesn’t matter, people have despised

Nwangele, using it as a dumping ground and letting it dry beyond recognition.

However, Wolfe Park has a narrow pedestrian walkway. that takes visitors up hills and down steep valleys until they

walked around the lake to return to the original starting point

Walking Alone in the Rain

Deciding to go for a walk is not an easy task. The sky seemed to be about to open the door and pour down buckets

and buckets of rain. “Is it going to rain?” I asked myself as I looked up at the cloud of tears.

The question came into my head. Could it be that something I couldn’t do for months today will become a reality?

Many times I use fatigue as an excuse not to walk. Yesterday, fatigue caused me to walk. Today the tiredness is gone

Excitement ripples through my head. How does it feel when I’m walking alone and one thought pops into my head?

Walking with others is fun. But compromise when you have to keep up or talk to them or listen to them. Share the

eternal burden of troubles and problems. Selfishness also serves a purpose as walking alone. I want to walk alone

quietly at my own pace Only the sound of footsteps and the sound of my heart can be heard. the sound of leaves

falling on the towering treetops

Walking Alone in the Rain

In terms of ideas, lately, my thoughts are as old as with worn-out jeans The Wardrobe of Thoughts is what I was

searching for. Stopping walking alone is more. A walk that would resolve many of my worldly desires.

In my opinion, after work, instead of going home I drove to Wolf Park. There are no other cars in the parking area.

What does it mean? Everyone except me is afraid of rain. clouds in tears But will it rain or not? I thought for a

moment If I hurry and start walking I was able to make a U-turn in my car before the rain came down.

However, if the rain followed me… I would have endured as I had been through many misfortunes in my life.

in the final preparation, I picked up a can of insect repellent from the car and sprayed it on the tip of my shoe.

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