Who Needs Magnesium?

Who Needs Magnesium?

Who Needs Magnesium?

Now, isn’t that a question?

Until next Sunday I say vaguely,

“Oh, I think it’s all the same.”

Then that Sunday I got up, ate my breakfast, and got ready for

Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. –

Who Needs Magnesium?

Strange, but what worries me is that I’m a little lightheaded and my head is spinning, you know, my brain doesn’t

know what to do with it, just like it’s floating in my head. I started to scare it a little bit.

I think when he was looking for a church closer to my house, I was looking for a church that could walk, not a car.

But that day, seeing that the parking lot was full, instead of climbing the disc, I thought the service had started that

way, and I returned home, unwilling to enter a place that no one knew. Instead of going inside, sitting with Panadol

and a cup, I picked up the car keys and walked to the regular church. Also, new for me because I only lived here for a

few weeks.

Who Needs Magnesium?

After that, I went to lunch at a nearby cafe with my new friends, where I started having trouble staying again.

Speaking to one of my friends, he told me about a relative who had a similar experience. As a farmer, he was

commemorated by the ‘Staggers’, who had been grazing cattle when they were short of magnesium. He told his

doctor and was advised to use the Magnesium supplement.
Now, a few weeks ago, I took a supplement containing magnesium, but the tablets ran out. The main additional fear

on tablets is not magnesium. Well, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. Naturally, this was

something I bought because I thought it would be good for my health, it didn’t really matter. So I forgot about the

next store, I told myself when I remembered (of course, when I got home), don’t worry, I’ll buy the next store

instead. Needless to say, I forgot too. ï Š

Who Needs Magnesium?

However, after Sunday’s “episode” I was convinced to buy magnesium tablets and started getting them every day.

Within a week, I was back to normal, so I forgot about it. Although I continue to take tablets.

Before I could work, I ran and waited until the next store, as if those who didn’t remember their history would get the

same results. After sitting in a comfy chair all day, I had a headache for a few days and then the return of the

swimming problem quickly sent me to the chemist.
But – he also sent me to the computer and is my favorite profession, in deep research. I quickly found that when

people eat a serving of nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans, leafy vegetables, milk, yogurt, and fortified foods, they don’t

need magnesium supplement, which is a good source of this stuff. It can even provide water (tap, mineral, bottle).

Who Needs Magnesium?

Unfortunately, most of us do not accept food that will help us, do we?

The next question for me is – WHY do we need it? –

Did you know that Mayo Clinic provides Magnesium for muscles, nerve function, and energy production,

synthesizing proteins, DNA and RNA? Like some antibiotics and osteoporosis drugs. Also, the antioxidant promotes

the structural development of glutathione bone and helps to increase the absorption of calcium.

Also, one ounce of raw almonds makes up 20% of your daily magnesium intake. Who doesn’t love almonds? OK. I

know some don’t, even some are allergic, but for most of us UMM.

Magnesium also plays a role, in our metabolism, cells use magnesium to transport calcium and potassium ions

through the cell walls.

Who Needs Magnesium?

Who Needs Magnesium?
Who Needs Magnesium?

On the other hand, low levels of magnesium are associated with osteoporosis, anxiety, depression among other

conditions, as well as ADR.

Magnesium is sometimes used as an adjunct to treating people with high blood pressure, certain chronic conditions,

Diabetes, and Chronic Arthritis Syndrome.

Excessive drinking and alcoholism sometimes lead to chronic low magnesium levels, such as Crohn’s, Celiac disease.

Older people (like me ï Š) may have a lower rating than younger adults. Indeed, the gut is often less effective in

absorbing magnesium, and our kidneys may be less effective in maintaining magnesium. In addition, type 2 diabetes

can lead to the release of magnesium, which can lead to kidney magnesium deficiency.

Several long-term studies have found a link between high magnesium levels and low risk of heart disease, sudden

death, and coronary heart disease (National Institute of Dietary Supplements). It also helps prevent stroke.

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